Been for my initial meeting with LL counsellor


is happy being Yorkiegirl
Hello all
my first post on here.
I am planning on starting LL in January. You might wonder why I don't just start now, but there are lots of reasons why I need to wait until then.
Anyway, I am confident that LL can help me lose my excess weight so that I can have more energy to play with my two lovely daughters.
Any tips for when I first start LL? How did your family and friends react to you doing the diet?
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The Diet Guy
Hiya Yorkie and welcome!!

LighterLife is brilliant and well done for jumping on in Jan!!

My main advice is to absolutely stick to the diet 100%, drink the water down and don't go mad between now and starting the diet.

Anyway nice to meet you!



is happy being Yorkiegirl
I will definitely be sticking to it. I am being careful, I don't want to put too much on between now and January. Worst bit for me is eating leftovers from my daughters' plates! Tonight I threw them in the bin :D


The Diet Guy
Just get some very cheap washing up liquid and just cover any leftovers in that and suddenly you really won't want to nibble it.



I pour loads of salt over my kids leftovers.... well I did but since starting LL they really haven't looked as appetising as before.

Good luck with LL in January, keep posting here in the meantime because you will pick up so many hints and tips which will help you when you start. I was lurking on 3 or 4 different forums before I took the plunge, but found them really valuable. Currently on day 13 and loving it.



Failure is not an Option
Hi Yorkie Girl

Well done on making the first move to LL.
January is good to start on the programme but as previous posts have said try and not go made between now and then.

Advice I can give you is to dedicate yourself 100% into the Programme - Do not Cheat - Do not Pick - Drink 4L of water per day and you will PASS GO sooner than you think.

Keep checking the forums to give you inspiration and in weak moments when you would be running to the fridge. By the time you've read all the posts, the feeling will have worn off.

Keep us posted on your progress.


is happy being Yorkiegirl
I have dieted successfully before, I followed Slimming World after I had my youngest daughter and lost 4 stone. I breastfed her for 16 months so that really helped. As soon as I stopped feeding her I put a stone on without even slipping from the diet.
Since then I have gradually put the weight back on. Events of the last couple of months haven't helped as I have been eating really badly.


Minimins gal x
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Hey Yorkie girl,well done for taking the first step to join LL.All the rest of the crew have given some excellent tips all i can say is that if u can a week or 2 b4 you start LL try and cut down the amount of carbs u have do it gradually so u dont really notice it,so when you start LL the symptoms that most of us have with carb withdrawal headaches will be be dramatically reduced and make your transition into ketosis easier and possibly a bit quicker.
Take care and have a good day x