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Been naughty...really naughty!

Didn't go to SW last week or the week before! Anyway, put on 5.5 lbs!! Eek!

I know it's a lot but I went and faced the scales and I won't be beaten. I've had a really bad few weeks, months in fact and things came to a head last week but I'm determined again now.

Off to look in recipes section now to find some inspiration :)

Just wanted to share my terrible behaviour and confess!!! X
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Now you can focus on the week ahead, well done for being honest and getting back on track.



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Well done with facing the scales and confessing - its scary how fast weight can creep on. But as you said just put that behind you and move on - Good luck with getting back on track :D
You're so brave for facing the scales and getting back on track - well done you! *applauds*
Sounds like you're back in control- woohoo!! It's all too easy to give up when things get hard, so you've done the hard bit by facing the scales.

Good luck this week!

I have to admit that it was tough going and getting on the scales but I'm really pleased I did :D

Thanks for all the lovely comments, folks! :)


Always comes back to MMs!
We have ALL been there hun, you're not alone on this one, I have done this on a couple of occasions and all you can di is get straight back on track, and it will come off again!

Well done for facing the music! xxxxxxxxx
Welldone on going and facing the scales.

Iv had a really bad few days my own fault totally with my sisters 21st party and iv not stopped eatting rubbish, birthday cake, crisps, tuna mayo sandwiches, pakora, sausages on rolls you name it.... was going to leave class but im going tonight todays a new week and a new start :)
I love the site www.slimmingeats.com - fantastic stuff on there, so thanks Britmum :)

I have gone right back to basics and started eating things I'd actually forgotten about eg noodles and stir fries. Not bored yet - it's only day two though - lol!
Well done on getting back on the scales! It took me 6 weeks before I did. I've now gone back to basics reread my books and started religiously posting a food diary. I come on here every day and have found some great ideas, I've discovered paw ridge which 1 pk is a HeXB I was getting bored of using them I have a pk paw ridge for my breakfast with a teaspoon of maple syrup for 1 syn
Also I've never even been able to run for a bus but always wanted to be able to so have downloaded couch to 10k app on my phone I've got my first session today! I'm not too worried as it's walking for 4 and a half mins jog for 30 secs and repeat
Keep up the good work you've been back on the scales you know what you done wrong and are determined to fix it! Have a good mosey round the site there's lots of good ideas I'm sure you'll find something that will interest you and hordes of fab food tips and recipes