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Been so tired!


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Hi Irene :D!! I was hoping to make an 'undercover' return..lol!! I come on from time to time, but don't post. This time however, I thought I might as well get back into the swing of things!! How are you??
Being tired in the first few days is completely normal, and it should get better soon!



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I get tierd stiill and im in day16 i think its the lack of suger or something ?


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Zareena, I had a few days of lightheadedness on my first week of LT but when it passed i felt better. I have noticed though that I can't stay up late any more (when I'm tired, then I just have to go to sleep) and I like a little lie-in on a weekend if the kids sleep... Be kind to yourself until your body adjusts and good luck.


reaching my goal
Hi skinnybyxmas just noticed your weight loss WOW you are doing amazing . xx
Zareena Hi, yeah the tiredness is part of the VLCD diet I am afraid, you have to remember 600 calories a day is not much and the body has to work that much harder so you will experience tiredeness throughout I think, although it will not happen every day or every week but it will continue. It also affect each other differently, depends on how you are using up the calories. I myself did not experience tiredness until I started exersise.