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Been to the doctors


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I just cant do it this whole dieting thing. I am thinking of jacking it all in till after xmas. I just to put it bluntly cant be doing with it. I obviously dont want to put on any weight but I just have not got it in me to diet at the moment. Its gone and I cant find it. Instead of looking at fat photos of me and gaining a massive shock to kick me into gear I am looking at them and thinking I am just destined to be stuck like that forever. I just feel like crying.:cry:

Sorry for the morbid post I just need to get it off my chest.
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Sometimes we have to take a step back and do what we feel is best and i think your right, i would do the same and get xmas out of the way then see how you feel, but don't fret on it, enjoy yourself and sort it out later.xxx
Oh hunni I don't know what to say but wanted to send hugs. I'm sure we've all felt as you do right now. Perhaps it is time for a break, focus on maintaining rather than dieting for a while and pick it up again when you feel it's right.

hiya, I think we all have times like that hun! if you feel that the best thing for you is to give up till after x mas then so be it! It sure is a stressful time.

Just bear in mind that a few weeks of total splurges can lead to lbs and lbs being gained and if you are prepared to accept it! I

I had to do that last week and decided that i am not willing to acceppt gaining weight i have lost

Good Luck
Debs x


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You have to do what you feel is right for you. Maybe take the time off over christmas but try to stick to the principles of SW rather than going mad. In the new year get back to it (if you want to) but rather than looking at it as a diet think of it more of a lifestyle xx
aww sorry to hear you feel like that i just took a 5 week break but not through choice it was a new job and had training but i really wish i hadnt as i put on 6lb and had to re-start in my mind as a fresh. i really wish i hadnt had that break looking back i ate what i wanted and just knowing i could of lost 6 lb really frustrated me! this is why i drew a line and just re-started in my mind!!

i think its up to you but i just wanted you to know how i felt when i had a 5 week break but obviously mines different as i didnt have a choice!


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oh Sonia

I'm so sorry you're feeling so cr*p. Please don't give up... if you can't face it at the mo set yourself a date to restart..

what are you finding so difficult? Is it food cravings, lack of time?

I'll give you my email address if you need someone to vent at.. no judgements, just an ear.

Take care



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Taz is right Son - SW is a lifestyle change and gives some good principles to go by forever, not just while the weight is coming off. How about doing what the maintainers do - stick to the plan as such but increase HEX and maybe have a flexi syns day every couple of weeks, that way all your hard work so far won't be lost. Then when you get back in the right frame of mind, you can give it another go.
I'd be reluctant to advise you to come off altogether as I know from experience how bad you'd feel if you put the weight back on, which makes it harder to climb back onto the wagon.


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I thought very much the same thing last week. Then I realised that all I would be doing was avoiding the inevitable. I don't want to spend the rest of my life fat. So I can either deal with it now and then it's done, or I can wait until after Xmas, having gained at least a stone, and then have to tackle it then, but 1 stone heavier!

What is it about SW that you find hard to stick to? Is it the cooking, the prep, your bored of the food your eating? Ask yourself why you feel it hard to stick to. Once you have the answer to that question, you will be able to make a decision as to when you want to get back on the wagon (so to speak!) or if SW is the right lifestyle change for you.

Do you go to class? If you do, then try having a chat with your consultant. They can really help to motivate you. If you don't go to class, can you get to one?
hey, right so you're still online, so we want some answers as to what part you're finding difficult. I don't mean this in a harsh way (and Son knows it) but what do you think you'll gain (apart from weight) by jacking it in. Why give up now? what will be different in the new year? why will you feel zoned up then? I took a break and went back over a stone heavier, I know you've done the same, do you wanna take a break, go back after christmas and be heavier and have to lose the recent weight gain as well as what you already have to lose. If you're happy as you are then fine (but you're not are you)

I think the reason for posting this is that I wish Id realized it myself when I took a break..... people probably said it to me, but i didnt take it in, i hope you do xxxxxx
hi honey so sorry to here your feelin crap..but is giving up the answer really???maybe try and go back to basics,get your motivation back, ask yourself why did you join in the first place??sw is a good eating plan and it is a way of life,its not a quick fix diet..we all get days where we cant be bothered,but we pick ourselves up, dust our selves down and start again..please give all the post some thoughts you can do this and we are all here for you love and hugs xxx


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Hiya thanks for your kind words everyone. I have been over and over in my head that it is not a good thing to jack it all in till after xmas but even sticking to SW I am putting on weight. Ok I lost 9Lbs the other week and I was over the moon but I know I can easily put that back on in a week. I just know that everyone buys us loads of chocolates for xmas even when asked not to they do cos its easier and cheaper to buy a tin of chockies. We always end up with about 3 tins. I dont even like chocolate but I eat it cos its there. I do y own xmas dinner and I can do that quite healthy but the rest of the time over xmas we are out having meals here there and everywhere. I dont even know what I am waffling about now I am confusing my self. I feel a little better through gettting it all off my chest maybe thats all I need I dont know. Maybe its because its the week before totm when I always turn into an emotional wreck.
dont take this the wrong way everyone has meals here and everywhere over xmas,thats just an excuse..its all about everything in moderation..dont undo the chocs as soon as they come in get the oh to get rid of them so the temptations not there,give them to the next door neighbour if you have to..try mixing things up abit if your mostly red try more green vice versa..i know how you feel totm im normally a dribbling wreck as well and everythings poo..
yup, or to an old peoples home. let the kids have some and then get rid of the rest. you can optimize when at other peoples houses or out and about if you want to. or stick to it rigidly on the days in between. it depends on whether you want to or not. I get loads and loads of chocs form the kids in my class as do the other teachers, we end up bringing them back into school and having them through out the year in the staff room cos we dont wanna eat em all ourselves x


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I agree with everything that everyone else has said son, if you feel you really can't stick to plan then don't , but dont go mad. However if there is the slightest little feeling that you can draw a line and start again 100% tomorow then do it. You will feel much better. And if you can lose a few lbs before xmas, have xmas day off and back on track you will feel fab. As for the tins of chocolates, take them as to a relatives house with you when you visit, or give them into your local nursing home or childrens home if you can't stand them in the house. Hope you feel better soon hun x


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Thanks for all your kind replies ladies. I cant stop crying at the min. I am going to the doctors in the morning see if I can be put on Anti depressants. The slightest thing sets me off on a down ward spiral at the moment. I think If I can get my depression sorted I will be able to handle doing SW. I dont always feel depressed it just seems to come and go but when its here it is bad.
Thanks for all your kind replies ladies. I cant stop crying at the min. I am going to the doctors in the morning see if I can be put on Anti depressants. The slightest thing sets me off on a down ward spiral at the moment. I think If I can get my depression sorted I will be able to handle doing SW. I dont always feel depressed it just seems to come and go but when its here it is bad.
oh love and hugs babes xxx:)


I ate my willpower!
I think coming off SW and gaining wait may well add to your depression as well. Good idea to see the Dr and get some help. If you can exercise can really help when your feeling low. Even just a nice long walk can really lift your mood.

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