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Before & After Photo Thread of Inspiration!!! Post Your photos here!


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Lisa how on earth can you say you are not inspirational????!! 4 stone is a massive amount to lose...and you gave me my to do list for mini pizzaa....I assume its transferable to any other cravings lol!!


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Oh yes Kazz most definitley I have the definitive list on my fridge of what I have to do before I reach for the grub.
To be fair I have a long journey ahead of me and thats why I don't see myself as inspirational and I have not been 100% so feel I let myself down.


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but you have done so well so far, from your over half way there...if you could do the first bit then you can definately do the rest hun!

Thought I would be brave and put up some pics. I hated having my pic taken before this crazy ass diet, so the first few are taken a few weeks in. Now, I quite like having pics taken (can tell by the grin on my face!!)

I started the first step to stabilization yesterday. Right now Im eating my chicken and brocolli in my veggie soup, thing is my teeth hurt, but thats cos I havent eaten in 10 months I guess.
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and some more pics.

Looking at these pics now, I actually see the weight loss, funny how my self perception stills see's me as the obese ugly unconfident woman.

This has been one hell of a journey for me. Now the mind games begin (cos Im eating a little food on AAM) but I know that I have the strength and determination to do this, as not once did I stray from SS for 10 months. Its what I keep telling myself, as this stabilization lark is quite scarey for me.

Putting my pics up is a big step for me, Im sharing a part of myself with stangers, but still friends, I hope that it gives some confidence for you guys that are just starting out. Trust me, if I can do this, you can... and remember if you work the program, the program works.

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You look fantastic, well done to you, I can imagine how AAM is scary after 10 months and hope you are managing well x


2nd Time Lucky!

Lost for words excellent pics everyone if that dont spur us all on to get there nothing will! :D


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would love to show my photos off but cannot add them to this post - could you email me the instructions or tell me the place to click that explains it all!!!
Many thanks
I have sent you a private message and if you need any help just ask.

You can simply copy and paste your photos in the Gallery onto here.

Love Mini xxx


I will do this!
oh my word you all look stunning. This diet is crazy and amazing all in one. What inspirations you all are. Thanks for helping those of us new and old along our journey.


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