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'Before' and 'After' photos?


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My 'after' picture is from when I was 9st 10. I can't be dealing with that right now! ;-)


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Wow, what a difference in 2 photos. I cant believe you want to lose more weight, You look fab :D It is a great inspiration to others when we can see the difference in photos

I've got my before photo ready to use, will post first after when I get to half way to goal.


wants to get slim

i have a before photo, me at 26 stone arghhhh, will do a during photo( hopefully when i hit 50 pound loss next week) and post it xxx

**** UPDATED*****
Ive added a few pics, 1 took today (red t-shirt) and theres a picture of me at Christmas 2009 wearing combats and blue cardi thing - Im holding the same combats in the other picture. :D
xxx :p


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wow you look fab hun and lm loving the shoes!! l could do with a pair myself only 5 foot nothing :p


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wow you look fab hun and lm loving the shoes!! l could do with a pair myself only 5 foot nothing :p
Tee hee! I'm 5'10" when I've got them on. Wish I was that tall really. My boyfriend hates standing next to me when I'm in them he's only 5'7" haha. I don't think I own any shoes smaller than a 3 inch platform lol x
Riotgrrrrrl you look amazing, what an inspiration! :)
wow thanks! I can't actually see much difference when I look at those pics. I found another totally disgusting one yesterday that I might post. I look massive!
OK I'll see if this works. The first picture was taken on xmas eve 2009. The second one is the most recent but I dont have a full body shots.

About a week ago
wow riotgirrl the transformation is amazing..u look so slim now cant imagine you have too much more to loose! U look great girl :)


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Wow! You guys are doing so well! That's inspiration for me - especially today as I appear to have stayed the same :(

Thanks for posting. Anyone else?


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