Hi everyone

Just to keep you all posted on this weeks result.

It is my 20th Week on this FABULOUS diet and im on add a meal and have still lost another 4 POUNDS!

We also went out for a curry last Saturday as it was aam week, i rang the restaurant and asked if they could cook me a curry with no oil or fat and they did.

I had a spinach and cauliflower curry with 1/2 naan bread also with no fat or ghee. I could only manage 1/2 the curry so ended up taking the other half home with me for Sunday's meal it was delicious.

My total weight loss is now 7 STONE 10 POUNDS.

I have another 4 pounds to lose to get to 8 STONE and only 12 pounds left to lose to get to my goal and reach maintenance:D

I am so over the moon.

I went shopping for clothes on Friday and can now get into size 12/14 knickers from Primark. Whats that all about??????

When i was a size 26 i wouldnt have even contemplated doing anything other than window shop there.

If you are just embarking on this diet all i can say is:


The diet i know is drastic but so are the weight losses.


Take a look at my pictures, they were on taken on day one 05/06/06 weighin 19 stone 8 and size 26 and taken last Saturday before we went out for our meal.


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I am absolutely gobsmacked at your fantastic achievement in such a short time!! Awesome!!!

I know it sounds like a cliche but you just don't look like the same person. Losing weight is a real 'butterfly' experience isn't it ... the weight comes off and the 'real you' emerges!

Well done!
You look FABULOUS!!

Stephy, what BMI are you now? How long will you ss for now? Any plans for when you stop?

I am in the pink again at last! feeew! xx
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OMG:eek: almost 8 stone in 20 weeks!!!

Your amazing:) :) :)

You look stunning:D :D :D

Congratulations and well done :) :) :)

you look AMAZING Steph !! - well done you ! :D

:eek: I'm lost for words. Well Done. A credit for the rest of us who are still on ourjourney.

Your message confirms again and again that this diet works. It's inspiring. I am determined to stick to this diet.
My bmi is now 26 and i weigh 11 stone 12 pounds.

Im aiming to stop ssing when i get to 11 stone as thats the max weight i can be for my height and gets me into the medical professions healthy bmi range.

I am now in the process of being sponsered into becoming a counsellor which is something i really want to do. I cant wait to be accredited to be able to help others who like me are so miserable and unhappy about being overweight and i do think its going to keep me on the right track with maintaining my weight which will be the real battle for me.

Not sure what the closing date is for CD slimmer of the year and my counsellor hasnt heard anything yet so still keeping my fingers crossed about that one.

WOWEEEEEE!!! That is truly awesome - can't believe the difference in such a short space of time!! Your friends and family must be in complete shock at your transformation...?
Not just friends and family.


I look in the mirror and i cant beleive what i see now.

I am wearing skinny jeans and my size 14s i bought last week are getting toooo big round the waist.

The tops of my legs arent joined anymore either.

Its wonderful, i have a gap at the tops and i know they aint gonna rub together and bleed anymore. i can wear skirts again now and feel comfortable without having a tub of talcum powder in my bag!

Soooo many people have commented on how much younger i look as well. ITS GRREEAATT:D

OMG what a transformation, you look 20 years younger, your hair is lovely as well.

very encouraging ;) xxx