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Beginners Diary!

:D I've just started SW for the first time a few days ago, can someone check my food diary is ok??

I'm on EE.

b: 2 x eggs, sliced ham.
l: SW lasagne with large salad and balsamic vinegar. (2.5 syns)
s: muller light cheesecake (1 syn)
d: SW chicken kiev & sw chips (2.5 syns) with large mixed salad.

he - a = milk.
he - b = oil for actifry chips.

Does this look OK? it seems like I'm eating too much? :confused:
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You are definitely not eating too much, and your diary looks good. Only thing i would say is that on EE you need to make sure you get 1/3 superfree with all of your meals and also if you do snack, try to use superfree for snacks too. That said, you have only used 5 syns for the whole day. My consultant recommends making sure you get at least 10 syns in every day.

Good luck with it :)

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
Well done, hun! Keep it up! x
I'm struggling to get my extra superfree food into every meal, started adding salads to most things and maybe fruit with yoghurt for breakfast, thanks for all the feedback, this thing is completely new to me it's like learning a new language!
No worries - it will soon be second nature! i still struggle with superfree sometimes too, esp when I'm skint and have not much left in my fridge. I did a big shop on Sat, but can already see it disappearing, which is a bit frustrating since it cost me an absolute fortune. The one thing about this plan is it is costing me a fortun in food :( Needs must tho. xx
Monday 21/2/2011

Today's menu has turned out to be :-

b: nothing.

l: SW lasagne (2.5 syns); large mixed salad with balsamic.

s: Muller light cheesecake (1 syn).

d: SW meat & potato pie (2 syns) & 1 tbspn brown sauce (1 syn) with salad accompaniment.

s: 2 x wholemeal bread from small loaf (HexB) with 1 tbspn flora lighter than light (2 syns).

HexA = semi skimmed milk for tea.

1 options hot chocolate (2 syns)

= 10.5 syns.

Exercise = 15 minutes dog walk.
you are absolutely right maverick, it costs a fortune to keep on track with the diet. i feel like every few days i am spending money. fruit and veg dont last two mins drives me mad, but as you say needs must
I made a big box of salad which will do a few days and have veggies for the other few days to make them last out! salad towards shopping day and veggies before next one! lol!
thats where i struggle the 1/3 superfree. i just think now even if i have one bit of salad or veg with a meal thats a start.whereas before i wouldnt have any. i eat a lot more fruit than i do salad and veg
hi hun welcome to s/w and minimins i used to do ee but had problems eating enough 1/3rd superfree so changed to red then i get to have 2 h/e a & b, would suggest that when u have ham & eggs add grilled toms and mushrooms. i try and have a piece of fruit before my meals fills me up a bit and i end up leaving some good luck losing the lbs :)
Tonight, I had a plate of salad before my meal that filled me up a bit, I didn't want to mix casserole with salad but figured I have to eat the superfree bit!! you could try having it on a side plate maybe?
No hun, sadly I really struggle with fruit but I love, love, love veggies so I may manage a banana or some grapefruit but that's about it can't stand the stuff, weird huh!!
OMG can't believe you don't like fruit lol! I went to the fruit wagon at the market on Friday, thought I'd get enough in to last all week, well between me and my son we managed to get through over half of it and I've had to top up again today!! I must be a fruit addict!!

Have you found the online membership helpful since you joined? xx
Yes, the online is nowhere near as good as WW but I'm getting by thanks.

Today's menu for me is planned to be:-

b: muller light yoghurt & banana (1 syn).
l: scrambled eggs, bacon, beans & tomatoes; mushrooms
d: Chicken lemon & garlic casserole SW recipe, mash with low fat marg (2 syns) and some lowlow cheese (2 syns).

HexA = milk for tea.
HexB = 2 x wholemeal bread from 400g loaf for lunch.

= 5 syns used total.
Today's plan is :-

b: 2 x wholemeal bread & honey (at canteen) 10 syns.
l: Jacket with tuna & salad with balsamic vinegar.
d: Gammon steak with potatoes & veggies.

HexA - milk in tea.
HexB - Not sure yet, maybe oil and I'll make actifry chips instead but if we're eating out it'll not get into the plan.

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