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Beginning SS - The Easier Way - Anyone tried it ?


I am hoping to start back on Cambridge this week. However, all the past "re-starts" I have had have ended up with me giving up because I either get too hungry or too many thoughts of "I want food and/or chocolate." My question is this - Has ANYBODY gone back onto CD by using the methods outlined in the "Beginning Sole Source - The Easier Way" sticky thread, if so, how did you get on with it ?
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Gone fishing
I didn't do it that way, but I did reduce carbs to go into ketosis before starting cambridge on

The first time I went 'cold turkey', but after I had to come off for a couple of reasons, I decided cold turkey wasn't for me and did what Cambridge recommend (reducing carbs, increasing water) :D

It was so much easier.

The plan you linked to should work too, but to be honest I didn't have the patience. Wanted to get into ketosis as quick as possible...with food.:p

By day 4, I was in ketosis and had lost most of the first few days glycogen/water weight, so scales going down as predicted :)
Ok, well I guess no-one has tried that method.

KD - For someone (me) who hasnt done CD now for a fair few number of months, has gotten back into eating VERY comfortably (if you know what I mean) and who is 99.5% sure he is going to have loads of cravings for food (at least in my head anyway) when I do start back on CD in New Year, do you think the method in the thread "Getting back to SS the easier way" is a good idea to follow to get back into it ?, as I dont really think Ill be able to do it by going straight back into shakes, and I would prefer a bit of structure rather than just eating less carbs.


Gone fishing
I think any form of carb reduction, whether to do it gradually or straight away is highly recommended. I believe that many people jump straight into CD SS on the hopes that it will be faster, but then spend ages 'messing around' with it because it feels harder.

The 'easy' way, is good and there's no reason why it shouldn't work really well. It hadn't been suggested when I was dieting, and I guess if I had to do it again, I would still just go to carbs below 20g with plenty of fats to speed ketosis, because when I am going into ketosis, then I want lots of food during the process. Can't be doing with going through the hunger thing, and of course, reduce carbs you gain protein. Gain protein and you reduce both hunger and cravings.

So it really doesn't matter how you do it. The most important thing is that you've looked ahead and are planning for this.

If you feel the plans down would suit you better, then go for it. If you struggle with them (no reason why you should...but the head is weird sometimes), then increase proteins and fats and knock the starchy carbs on the head.
Hi I am restarting,yet again,but as usual ,determined to shed some weight.I find doing it the easier way,does help me ,get used to slowly,cutting out food,ready for the ss.But wow,all respect to kd,to have shed all that weight and maintained it for so long.

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