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:( - being brave


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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
Still in pain and looking not unlike Pob...

Image:pob logo.jpg - ClassicKidsTv.co.uk

I've put on half a stone in 3 days (ha!) but then we all know that this is lovely glycogen reloading very fast and very suddenly due to the type and amount of food I have crammed in very quickly. So - in order to avoid any sort of distress or depression I have made the executive decision to get straight back on the packs for 4 days to get back into ketosis - if the glycogen weight shifts straight away then I will go straight into management on Tuesday or so, if it takes a bit longer then I will go into management next Monday.

To be honest I couldn't have predicted how I was going to feel on Thursday and yesterday - on Thursday I was off my face on happy drugs and feeling no physical symptoms or jaw ache. Yesterday was the opposite - feeling sick and groggy and stiff jawed - and despite heavy doses of all my drugs and arnica and vit B12 I can barely open my mouth and I feel like I have the mumps - so rather than feeding myself into an icecream oblivion I have decided I will feel much better and 'cleaner' on food packs. Although getting 4 litres of water down is going to be a chore, I can tell as I've barely made a dent in my first pint and it hurts to drink.

Can anyone remember the bar and fruit flavouring rules from week one? Can you order bars and fruit flavouring once you're in ketosis or is at at the end of the first week you can start having both? I didn't have either til a few weeks in so I can't recall what the restrictions were - I just want to avoid both until the appropriate amount of time has passed so I don't slow down getting into ketosis.
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Ahh sarah,
sorry to hear your'e in soo much pain :hug99:

If it's going to make things easier for you then I wouldn't worry too much about the water flavourings, and have them from now. On the other hand if you want to do things by the book then wait until you're in ketosis, which will probably be 3/4 days... You're right about the bars so hold off on them till you're back in ketosis...

Would drinking with a straw be easier for you? It's still early in the day so keep sipping the old water and bet you'll have that 4 litres down ya before bed time :)

Also how about making the packs up into an ice cream kinda constincency (sp) you'll still be getting your ice cream fix :)

Well done for nipping it in the bud and making a decission about management - best of luck with that.... sure you'll have that 7lb off by Tuesday... quick on quick off :)

Here's wishing you a restful day - gonna go have a look at bod lol will bring back memories - :D

take care
:hug99:Oh sorry you feel sore hope you feel better soon


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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
Hahaha! Bod! I look like him too!
And just now I noticed a touch of Andy out of Little Britain...

Me with all the swelling

Andy out of Little Britain. 'Yeah, I know. I want that one.'

I assume that the 7lbs on is mainly around my face as my jeans still fit ;)
Hi Sarah

Hope you are feeling better. With the bars, it must be a day 4 minimum because I started on LL on a Monday evening and couldn't have a bar until the Saturday. And, with your teeth as they are, bars are probably a no-no anyway - unless I am missing the plot!

I think the flavourings were ok from week one, to be honest but you could wait a few days, just to be sure.

Definitely agree making up the packs as ice cream AND getting a straw. With the water, you'll just have to pace yourself and if you only manage 2.5 litres today, you can build up. It's over a long period of time that it really matters.

I think the key is to be kind to yourself and not drive yourself mad with the details. Go with how you feel, physically, so that you can have a speedier recovery in the longer term, as well as the short term!

Take care and get well soon.

Mrs L xxxx


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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
I've never liked the packs as icecream and I'm choking if I use straws - the back of my throat sort of closes up with the suction. I can sort of chew if I really want to ;) but as I didn't have bars until week 10 I couldn't remember when they were off limits until. I do remember we had a returner in our group who insisted on having bars and fruit flavourings from day 1 and it took her ages to get into ketosis. I'm taking it easy - but honestly I'm fed up to the (lack of) back teeth - this is not how my consultant described it - in fact he said there would be no swelling at all. I was looking forward to 4 quiet days of being able to write and paint and reading Grazia - not 4 days of being insensible and sweaty!!!
Hey Sarah...your recovery is all sounding a bit rubbish, so sending lots of get well wishes and hopefully you're having a better time today.

If you can be bothered and could do with a diversion I wonder if you could post a bit about glycogen and what happens when you're filing your body with it!
I'm curious about this and the process that takes place, your post made me think that you may know quite a bit about it?

Your chipmunk photo made me laugh, wonder what you're storing in those cheeks?? :D

Take it easy today and enjoy the sleepy bits if you can :)


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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
Glycogen (more bad science from Sarah)

It's not that I know much about it scientifically - it's just from being a binge eater/anorexic over the years I've observed its cycles to the point where I could probably tell you exactly how much glycogen I tend to carry!

I know that even before LL I have 7lbs of weight that I can shift in a few days without trying - the only condition to shifting that weight is that I either mustn't eat at all or only eat a low carb diet.

My LLC has a theory about what happens to your glycogen during management (and I think this is the actual official science from the way the diet is worked out) that round about week 3 you are starting to build glycogen again - and for some people this is as much as you lost in your 4 days to a week or maybe even your first week minus 3.5lbs of fat - so basically approximately your first pop in loss. In some people this returns the minute you start eating - in others your calories would have to go over a certain amount - but I think we can make the assumption that when you start eating carbs like fruit in week 3 your body does start to build up its glycogen stores.

People who lose in management tend to be those who remain quite restricted in the calories they intake. The more careful you are the more likely you are to lose - those that are less careful or jump steps are less likely to stabilize - but the plan is designed to let you put on and lose approximately 7lbs without noticing the change in either direction.
Hi Girls

I am dipping in and out today, still doing those chores (!), etc.

I remember that AJ's management thread - will see if I can find the link - had an equally brilliant explanation from Goombagirl about glycogen. I applaud Sarah for getting this down because I SO have NOT got my head round it, AT ALL.

Sarah - hope you are feeling better and better and, if it's sunny where you live, that your windows are wide open while you recover.

Suggesting a DVD made me think that's just what I need so I did the ironing (!) whilst watching Freedom Writers.

Take care, everyone - particularly the patient!

Until later.

Hi Sarah - the advice on starting is to have 4 flatpacks for 3 clear days which should take you into ketosis, and then you can substitute a bar for a flatpack from day 4 onwards. You can have water flavourings from the beginning.

Re management, what I see practically in the people in my groups is that all those who stick firmly to the management guidelines of what to eat and portion amounts either stay steady on the scales overall or lose a couple more pounds. What is happening under the surface is that at some point in the first couple of weeks the glycogen comes back on but there is a sufficiently low calorie intake that fat continues to be lost, which approximately balances out.

Something else to consider is that once your glycogen stores have come back, your weight becomes more likely to fluctuate by a few more pounds around your steady set point, because although your body may be in exactly the same shape from one day to another, you now have variable amounts of glycogen in your body as well as water. You look at the readings over a couple of weeks to see whether it's a blip or a trend...

Been a long weekend so hope that makes sense!!
Aww bless! Honestly you look fine compared to the car crash that I looked ike but possibly due t no green & blacks or morphine! Just go slow! didnt have bars at all in wk 1 but seem to be sensitive to ketosis as was out within a couple of hours of milk week! Will be interesting to see re glycogen & look forward to watching those of you in management before me!

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