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Being made redundant

Had a meeting at work today only to be told that as from Jan 2011 all the dinner ladies will be made redundant:cry:.

So as you can imagine our hearts were not in the job today - its a shame as we all love this job as it fits in with the kids school holidays - not sure what im gonna do now - do I look for another job (hoping I can have school holiday off, which is highly unlikely or do I become a full time mum again??)

The money came in handy as it payed for our family holidays, now I think I can say goodbye to these holidays.

Just dont know which way to turn as no-one was expecting such shocking news.

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Call me a bit silly how how can they manage without dinner ladies?

Have they brought in robots? Or are they finally making the kids do it themselves as a form of punishment?! (not implying the work is a punishment for an adult - LOL)
so sorry to hear that.
and unless your just on termly contracts they cant just call you in and tell you they are making you redundant!
Just a thought, but have you thought about childminding. That way you could be there for the kids but also look after a few others. You could even just do school age so its just drop offs and pick ups when they are at school and then depending on the parents look after them during the school hols. You would obviously still be able to have your hols too.I have relied on childminders for the last 10 years and don't know what I would have done if it was not for childminders.
All Schools around the area are making major cut backs so hence having to let 10 dinner ladies go as from Jan 2011.

We have been told that the Teacher's Assistants will be doing our jobs to save money.

I feel sorry for the TA's as some work harder than the Teachers and dont get the respect they deserve.... how will they cope???

I have just registered my details on the Counties website for jobs in my area so fingers crossed.

Shall keep you posted.

Thank you for all your support.

Hi adypancho

I'm a lunchtime supervisor- I personally think the TA's will have something to say about it (I know I would if I was a TA!!)

The thing is is that our school has 2 yes 2 head teachers. Why????? (why can't they take a pay cut in order for us lunchtime supervisors to keep our jobs)?

Also, this week has gone from bad to worse as I now have an absese(sp?) in my mouth resulting in a visit to the dentist which has cost me £24.50 so far and a further £76 + to extract the tooth. :eek:

All I need is 1 more thing to ge wrong and thats my 3 lots of bad luck over then.

Sorry for the rant but needed to vent it.


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