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Being rubbish at the SW 'rules'- e.g. My Mum


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On another thread Fleur mentioned that we all know some people who regardless of how many times they are told 'the rules' of SW just don't (or won't) get them. This put me in mind of my Mum- bless her, she is a nightmare since she started SW. It reminded me of a conversation I had with her a while ago I thought I would share for a laugh:

Claire? How many points are in cod from Iceland?
Is it just cod?
Yes, well no, it’s in a sauce
What kind of sauce?
Erm, butter sauce
Oh……..well the clue is in the word ‘butter’ Mum. I guess it has syns let me check. What is it actually called as I have to type it in exactly on the website?
Cod in sauce
Not ‘cod in butter sauce’? There’s nothing coming up for either
Try ‘fish in butter sauce’
No, nothing……….can you have a look on the packet at what it is actually called?
It’s in the freezer!
I’ll wait……(sound effects of large woman moving around flat, opening freezer door, rustling around freezer
No- I must have thrown the box away that they came in
I can’t tell you then Mum.
What about haddock in tomato and curry sauce?
Is that from Iceland?
No it’s from Lidl
Ok…………..no, nothing for that. Is that exactly what it’s called?
Hang on……………oh, no, it’s herring not haddock
And what is the ACTUAL name of it from the tin
I don’t know, it’s all in German
Ok………………..sorry, they don’t translate, Mum
Oh ok. Anyway I have done really well this afternoon because I had a massive jacket potato with salad and cottage cheese
That’s great, but don’t forget to syn your cottage cheese
Cottage cheese! What! are there points in cottage cheese?
Yes, because it’s not fat free- but don’t worry there won’t be many. What did you have for breakfast?
Er…………..a banana like normal
With toast?
Did you have 2 rounds?
Oh, was it the seeded loaf I told you was really high in syns?
Yes………but it was getting near the end of the loaf, and the slices get smaller near the end, don’t they?
I checked out the syns and they are 6 and a half per slice. So that’s 13 on bread and about 2 on cottage cheese, so just be careful now as you have used up all your syns
Oh, so should I just have a plate of vegetables for my tea?
NO MUM- you can have any of the free foods that I told you about last night. Have some meat and potatoes, or rice or pasta or fish or anything think of all the food I told you about last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!
…………………..what about sweetcorn?

In addition, despite me explaining the plan to her 162 times(and her attending class seperately) she always asks about any food she is unsure of "So, is that my healthy option" (making up her own terminology again)
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Still rockin' it
S: 18st13lb C: 10st12lb G: 10st13lb BMI: 23.8 Loss: 8st1lb(42.64%)
Oh, and last week she went to a buffet and was unsure if the barbeque coating on the chicken was syn free..........so she had a pork pie instead


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lol- she will get there in the end :)
It's easier to break the rules then to try to understand sometimes!


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Thats so funny, she could always come and live with you...is that an option :D
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Oh I'm sorry but I just proper LOL'd at my desk. Bless her heart!

That sooo reminds me of my Mum too ......... how mine ever got to target I'll never know!!

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How funny! Just had a good old giggle here too... She sounds like a mum in a million! xx


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Yep I LOL'd at this too, its such a Mum thing isnt it?

Mine always tries SW for a few days, then says something like "I saved up all my syns and had a chinese last night, this is so easy"

Errr.... Sweet and sour chicken (battered) with spring rolls, dim sum, egg fried rice, prawn crackers and a bottle of wine.... yes Mum, youre doing so well :eek:)

Gotta love them though!


Still rockin' it
S: 18st13lb C: 10st12lb G: 10st13lb BMI: 23.8 Loss: 8st1lb(42.64%)
MancBird- I can't seem to private message you, but need to ask about the dress in your avatar- where is it from? I want it!
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This really made me laugh!!
Sounds just like my mum. She refuses to join a class and thinks being on a diet is not eating anything....
....she'll phone me up and say "I just wasn't hungry so I haven't had breakfast/lunch/tea...aren't I good??"....I've lost count of the number of times that I've said otherwise :-D
(and I absolutely love her to bits!)

Mrs V

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This is great! My Mum was a Consultant for years, and does the SW plan without any problems, although gets tips and recipes from me...my MIL on the other hand!!


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Aw bless your mama!!! She sounds like a real hoot. God love her, I guess shes in the ww mentality, and not grasping sw? Nice of you to try and keep her right tho xx
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i think mums are "born" to drive us potty.. mine is doing SW to suport me and lose a stone.. but she just does not get it.. she was not losing and got all upset.. as she was following the plan... got her to write it down and errrrrrrrm milk with cereal.. then 3 late's in pub then a milky coffee b4 bed.. followed by " i think i have found ur prob mum!" she is getting better tho :)
But ur convo made me laugh :)


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CP, your mum sounds such a hoot.
You really made me LOL...
my mum would be JUST like that if she did SW....she tells me she is having healthy food, when i ask what it is, its a pizza....she rationalises it by saying it has tomotoes in!

Your mum sounds utterly fabulous - thanks for sharing CP xxx

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