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Beki's fresh start


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Started this morning - LOVE my consultant, and the group is lovely too :D

Weighed in today at 17st 5.5lb :sigh: so now it's time to 'GET A GRIP BEKI!!!' :copon: and start afresh!

My sister joined today with me which is really nice, as we can keep each other motivated :)
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good luck becki,
i started sw last thursday and am finding it really easy so far(however its my first weigh in tonight and im terrified incase ive not lost anything)hehe


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Hello you! Brilliant news that you have somebody to go with you. Good luck x


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Thanks guys! :D

Went to my first weigh-in and have lost 4.5lb!! :D Am sooooo pleased!

My sister lost 1.5lb, but she 'spent' 125 syns on alcohol on saturday night (a one-off)!!! So she did really well considering, and she didn't go off plan, food wise, at all! :)
well done beki x
hows it going? x


Is so very nearly there!
Helllloooooo You there?
Hope you ok lovey! x


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Oooh i forgot to update this! :eek: lol

Thanks for the replies everyone :D

Last week i lost 2lb and this week i lost 2.5lb :D

My sister didn't go last week but lost 4.5 this week! My dad joined with me last week and in his first week lost 10lb - omg!!! :D

So between the three of us we've lost 25lb in 3 weeks - yay! xx
brilliant, a right little family affair. saw you were ebaying your number plate, did it sell? (it was you wasnt it?!) x


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yes it was me :D it hasn't ended yet, but got a few watchers.... no bids tho :(
fingers crossed for ya, maybe they're hanging on til near the end. Its a cool plate, my OH bought me one for my first birthdya we were together, its not as good as yours its N8 (my birthday is Nov 8th) then my initials xxx


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I stayed the same this week. Expected it though, so i'm not disappointed :) Fingers crossed i lose loads next week! :D
hello?!???! hows it going hun? x

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