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Belly Buster??

Hi everyone,
I've heard that your belly is the hardest part to get rid of, I've lost 2st 5bls so far so understandably I still have the belly, the rest of me has shrunk though and when I'm dressed my belly doesn't look noticable cos it's not and never has been a sticky outty belly but (even worse) a hangy downy one.
Can anyone tell me, will I actually lose this and what can I do to make it catch up with the rest of me? I don't want to end up with skinny legs but still wearing 18s cos it's all that fits around this stubourn tum? It's still to big to consider slendertone or anything cos it's not toning it needs, more like to be chopped off!!:)

Can anyone pleeease help??
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I know exactly how you are feeling, although my tummy is loosing inches i still feel that when i have got clothes on it does nothing for my figure and looks horrible.
I am currently trying the gym to see if i can do anything there that can help and today have started to do 50 sits ups(i will tone the belly)
anyway thats all i can think of that might help you but i am sure it will catch up with the rest but its hard to know whether it will tone rather than staying saggy, i have already been looking at tummy tuck operations for when i finish this diet.
Oh me too Lolly, pricing them, looking at before and after pics etc but I'm 20 and haven't had kids yet so i don't know what'd happen when i do!
I'd love to feel able to do sit ups but it's been years since I've even tryed so i actually forget how!! I've been brisk walking etc which will do nothing for my tum:(
My belly has always been my biggest problem area. When I got down to 12st 7lb in 2006, my shoulders, legs and butt all fitted a size 14 but I had to still buy 18s to fit round my still disproportionately big belly :(

I don't really know what would have happened if I'd carried on to goal as I lost the plot in 2007 and am now back at 17st with a bigger belly that ever.

I hope someone can give you info on a more positive experience: I'd like to know myself. I was always worried I'd end up with a skeletal face and legs and STILL have a buddha belly!!


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Usually, a big belly and a thin body may be a sign of insuline resistance. I said "may" because in the case of women, you are also fighting against your body's reproduction instincts. To breed you need fat for the baby to use in case of lack of food. And gues where these fat reserves are? yep, around your uterus and your bum and thighs :(:p. I am not a health expert though, just telling you what I was told :eek:.
You're bang on though Elie ... I have insulin resistance which has led in turn to type 2 diabetes.

Sucks BIG TIME but there you go ... carbs are definitely not my friend (and I won't be doing SW green days any day soon! ;))

Not a lot I can do other than accept it and do what I can with what I've got.


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You're bang on though Elie ... I have insulin resistance which has led in turn to type 2 diabetes.

Sucks BIG TIME but there you go ... carbs are definitely not my friend (and I won't be doing SW green days any day soon! ;))

Not a lot I can do other than accept it and do what I can with what I've got.
I am sorry to hear that Russiandoll. I was boderline diabetic when I started dieting, and I got sooo scared! My uncle has diabetes too (albeit type 1) and he is constantly injecting insulin, etc. Is type 2 difficult to manage?

Elie xx
Thanks for replying guys!:)
That's true Elie but I am actually in proportion for the mo I'm just worried that I'll keep losing everything but the tum:(
I've heard that's the most stubourn part:(
Aww Russiandoll sorry to hear that, will weight loss aid that for you in any way?



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Then if your weight is well balanced, then it is the 2nd solution :D. Flat tummies are really rare in women:rolleyes:. I know plenty of thin healthy women with a round tummy. But we have to put things into perspectives: if it is just a bit of fat, it's nothing :D. It is even healthy if you want to have a baby in the future :D

But I know what you mean about seeing the rest of your body shrinking and your stomach stays the same :(. I have the same problem with my bum and thighs :confused::sigh:

When are we gonna be happy with our body eh?:rolleyes:

Elie xx
True!! I think us women can be too self critical sometimes!!
I'll be happy to fit into a small size 12 and look really well going out!! It can't possibly be as bad as the size 24 I was!!!


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A comfy size 12 is my goal too! :D

Which size are you now and how long have you been dieting, if you don't mind me asking?

Elie x
Course I don't mind!
I'll be getting my 7th week WI tomorrow!!
I was really 22 when I started but i had one pair of 24 work trousers so I can't pretend to myself I didn't! I'm keeping them as a reminder of what i don't want to go back to!! They wont stay up now, i look like a clown in them!!
I'm now a comfy 20, tight 18.
What about you?


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I am in my 2nd week of SS and I started as a size 22. But I am still a size 22. Size 20 is VERY tight :( Because of my bum :mad:
Elie - I haven't been able to go down any trouser sizes yet either because of my massive bum. However, skirts I can because they generally aren't fitted over that area. So I have size 22 trousers and a size 18 skirt!! :eek: My old jeans were a size 24 and I could get them on and off without undoing them but the 22 would go nowhere near my bottom! They look ridiculous now so I don't wear them but don't plan on spending money on jeans for a while - a couple of nice trousers, skirts and tops for work and I'll slob round the house in anything that will stay up for the time being! ;)


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You're right actually Julie! I have not tried skirts :D

I know that my bum is bound to sli down as well, as it can't keep monopolising all the fat and calories:D.

The thing is, my waiste is quite small compared to my bottom! So my trousers are always to big around the waiste but tight around my bum :rolleyes:

Elie xx
Mine are now getting loose on my bum and thighs but fit on my tum! All bodies are different i suppose!I better not lose my bum altogether-fat chance of that- but i'd hate to be left bumless!!
My diabetes was out of control at first. When I was 22st I was on 3000mg of metformin a day and STILL couldn't get my blood sugar levels down to below 11 (normal range is 4 - 7). I was a step away from having to resort to insulin jabs.

When I lost weight though, my numbers dropped dramatically and within a month of doing CD I didn't need metformin at all. I still manage my levels by diet control. It means limiting my starchy carbs to almost zero (although of course I slip badly at times).

Even now I've regained and am back up t 17st, my bloods are still ok because of the low carb diet I follow (as a rule that is - I'm no saint :rolleyes:).

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