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benefit of LT at Christmas


Recovering Cookie Addict
So I realised this week that this Christmas is entirely stress free for me for the first time ever!

Now that I'm single I only had one person to buy a pressie for. Now I'm staying on LT over the festivities no need to go Xmas food shopping in the supermarkets which are a nightmare right now. As I'm spending the day alone I don't have to pretend to get on with people I don't like or think how to politely refuse the umpteenth offer of a sausage roll/mince pie/turkey sandwich (why do people assume overweight people never get full?). And finally, now I'm single I no longer have to put up with my ex stuffing his face, trying to sabotage my diet (like last year) and being a miserable so and so. All in all a delightful Christmas lies ahead! x
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That's great! I'm in the same boat, as I'm on it, had a brill excuse not to go to the family xmas dinner, we're just going after for a bit.

So glad you ditched the ex, sounds like a right eegit!

Just think, you can have a long soak in the bath, I'm buying posh stuff just for the occasion ;) and decorating the bathroom with candles, and draping potted vines, 'cept I feel Xmas Eve is nicer so I'm doing it then.
Good for you x


Recovering Cookie Addict
FB - that's a great idea, might do that myself on Xmas day to pass the time.

Stu - no willpower required, am home alone so don't have any temptations, which is a huge blessing really since I always struggle getting back on track when I've eaten.
well done cookeh, im hanging on by my nails lol got a banging headache and a long week ahead of me :cry::D
Awh that sounds lovelyy!!!

I've decided to stay on over Christmas too. However I did it the backwards assed way, since my son is at his dads this christmas, I'm staying with my mother who is making a huge Christmas dinner for all the family who are coming here to eat it.

I think I'm going to spend my day in the jacuzzi here with a book and let them all shove their faces lol.


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Lavida good luck, keep your goal in mind, its only one day and there'll be plenty more xmases.

Frozen you lucky thing, jacuzzi huh? Sounds like bliss, may your willpower hold strong!

I'm feeling rather down today. I had a falling out with my overseas *special* friend last night and he's not talking to me so have spent today, and last night alone. Was supposed to be hanging out with him (online) tomorrow but fear he's not gonna show and was really looking forward to it :( on top of that I didn't receive any family Xmas cards this year and my only gift ( from aforementioned friend) hasn't shown up in the mail. Am really starting to feel decidedly lonely this Christmas now *sad face*
Aw Cookeh I'm sorry to hear that.

Hopefully everything will be sorted out and they will meet you online tomorrow. Usually people just need time.

If not feel free to add me on MSN, not quite the same I'm sure. But I'll be hovering around the PC avoiding the food and stuff.

I hope you have a good day hun, and everything goes the way you wanted it too.


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Aww you're so sweet Frozen, thanks. Managed to hook up with my friend tonight and as predicted its like our tiff never happened. For the sake of Christmas I kept my mouth shut and enjoyed some company and should do tomorrow as well. Definitely feeling happier about that now :)

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