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Bento boxes


Ugly duckling going Swan.
Home made sushi is good. There is a device called simply sushi that makes it far easier to make. Just pop in what you like, press, and slice. You can also make sushi sandwiches. Take some wholemeal bread with no crusts, spread with cottage or cream cheese, top with salmon or grated carrot, roll up, and slice.

Bite size veg like baby carrots, small florets of brocoli work as does chicken and bize size nuggets, sausages, pieces of cheese. You can do mini veggie kebabs using cocktail sticks and sandwiches cut up with a biscuit cutter into cute shapes.

In a nutshell, with bento, think rice dishes, bite size fruit and veg, mini snacks, and shreaded meat and fish.
Thanks for that :D The simply sushi thing sounds brill!! *googles*
I've been looking at Bento recipe books, but can't find any specifically veggie ones. I know I can adapt them tho.
I'm determined to get me a Totoro bento box ;)
I had a lovely bento meal at a Japanese place in Birmingham last week and it's reignited my 'need' for bento, lol!


Ugly duckling going Swan.
I have a gorgeous pink one with a sixties style print of a cat on the top. Try typing in words like "kawaii lunch boxes" in search engines and ebay. Kawaii means "cute" so all the cute japanese designs will flash up. Artbox and J-List are sites carrying japanese style goods. The best ones are the 2 tier ones with the spoon, fork, and chopsticks in the lids. They take up less room in the fridge. However, you could go nuts and have different ones for different days. A mini flask would also be useful for soups and hot drinks.

Look on Amazon for books on bento recipes. Invest in things like mini cookie cutters, mini pill cups (good for dips), cocktail sticks, and mini cake cases to help you get creative! :D
Bento boxes are amazing for SW seriously. I make them for my college lunches. I have a classic hello kitty one but totoro one sounds awesome.

I found cucumber, carrots, celery and even some fruits (as odd as it sounds) go nicely. If you're have extra easy perhaps some tuna or salmon :)


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I take my bento boxes to work most days. I have....erm....a few! I usually have boiled noodles, tofu and whatever veg was in the fridge all stir fried together in soy sauce with Japanese 7 spice pepper sprinkled on just as it finishes cooking. I'm not a fan of seaweed or miso, but I'm trying.
I love miso too. Which one to do you have and how many syns, please?

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