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Best choice for Burger King??

We are going (as a family) to Alton Towers tomorrow. We always go to McDonalds for lunch when there, the children really look forward to it ;) I'd already planned to have the Chicken Salad Deli Sandwich and Diet Coke - 5.5pts

Just discovered that McDonalds are no longer at Alton Towers and it is Burger King :confused: What is my best low point but filling option?

I know I could take my own low point packed lunch but I want to join in with the rest of the family otherwise I will feel like I'm being deprived :mad:
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I guess thats your opinion because i find my bun always drips in fat after they've microwaved it and it doesnt taste particularly nice.


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small fries 3.5pts

their chicken royal is 10pts

piri piri chicken sandwich is 5pts

14 chicken bites is 5.5pts

flame grilled chicken salad is 2.5pts

hamburger 4.5pts

these r the lowest point things
Sorry WMBB I was typing whilst you post.

I know half a point is neither here nor there but the link said the Piri Piri Chicken sandwich was 4.5 points :confused:


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I had burgerking the other day and went with the hamburger. I had it at home so made myself some potato chips too but to be honest just the hamburger and a drink was plenty. You could always have something like the hamburger and bring your own healthier snack/side to go with it?


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Hamburger: Cals 275, Sat fat 3 = a value of 4.5

Whopper Jr.: Cals 343, Sat fat 3 = a value of 5.5

Cheeseburger: Cals 320, Sat fat 5 = a value of 6

Piri Piri Chicken Sandwich: Cals 336, Sat fat 0 = a value of 5

Flame-Grilled Chicken Salad: Cals 128, Sat fat 0 = a value of 2

Flame-Grilled Chicken Salad with French Dressing Sachet: Cals 135, Sat fat 0 = a value of 2

Flame-Grilled Chicken Salad with Honey and Mustard Dressing: Cals 160, Sat fat 0 = a value of 2

those are the best options i'm afraid!

had to edit because although some of the points are the same, others have gone up! even with salads! :( it's crazy!! changed them all to proper ones now, don't use the UKLady site for burger king, it obviously is no aware of changes! :(
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