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Best Exercise DVD for home??

Do these not really get used then?x


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Leslie Sansone...her videos are amazing. Its a 'walk at home' video, meaning you walk in place that you were standing but also she makes you move around like side to side steps, back and forth steps, knee raises, leg raises, also she adds in arm movements like raising your arms up and down or moving them side to side.

Its pretty amazing, and fast. She has dvds that start from 1 mile, up to 5 miles. I have 3 dvds of hers so far. My favorite is the '5 mile fat burning walk'. Each mile is 12 minutes long, and she makes it fun for me and I can do it right in my living room.

I only paid 10 dollars here in the US but don't know how much it is where you live.
Ahh thankyou for that - nope enver heard of her! that sounds fun - i love to be able to do a walking challenge - do you actually feel anything even tho your just marching on the spot? or do you walk about your living room etc? Ill look that up thankyou!
ive just done vicki binns one which i found quite good! easy enough for me to fit in everyday aswell and not be absolutely knackerd all week from 1 session lol


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Well I do 2 of her videos a day, which equals to 10 miles. On the one I told you about, I lost more than 1000 calories in 58 minutes, I do break out in a sweat. I actually just did 5 miles and my body feels amazing, its like I have a pulse everywhere since I worked out all the muscles.

I do see results. Even though I lost 12 pounds, this whole week people have been asking if I'm losing weight since my tummy area is getting smaller. I have muscles on my legs now and arms. Finally seeing results, and its worth the sweat in those 5 miles.
I love the Davina ones, you can mix and match the routines to make them as long as you want or focusing on a particular area.
Im sure I used to ahve the davina dvd ages ago! Ill buy it again as ive lost it and give that one ago too! thankyou x
I think her DVDs are fab, just have to turn the sound down a bit as she does talk non stop! Fine first few times but does grate after a while:)
Also the 30 day shred one is meant to be good. I haven't done it but read some great reviews on amazon.
Leslie Sansone dvd's are great.... easy to fit into your day (starting with one mile ones that would take 15 mins) and intio a small space..... and no complex moves ~ she doesn't expect you to be a dancer just move. And when you have done one of hers you sure know it.

I had the 30 Day Shred dvd - each day takes 20 mins ~ but she really works you hard in that 20 mins. Not for the fainthearted. And she does a lot of curls and jumping jacks etc. I would have found it good if I had stuck at it but I'm too fainthearted for her.

Be good to know what you use and find the most effective ~ finding something you enjoy is more than half the battle.

I would say Davinafit, would be good for every day use as it is not as difficult as others.

I just bought Clare Nasir's Bootcamp yesterday and tried it for the first time, if you are looking for something that will make you hurt from your head to toe then that will do it, At work today I cant walk right lol! But at least I know it's working that's my way of looking at it. I would deffinately say that it would be worth a shot!!


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If you belong to Lovefilm, then you can try out all sorts. Your local library may have some, tho with cutbacks perhaps not. I have lots! All gathering dust at the mo :( but then I do the fitness things on the Wii. I like Rosemary conleys salsa ones, but I like variety, and the wii ones give you different exercises every day.
I got a Nell McAndrew one from a charity shop, it nearly killed me!
Personally I love the OZ Aerobics series :D they're great. Another fab one is the Jillian Michaels dvds.. uh, 30 day shred and her abs one :D

Also, the Wii games are a great way to be more 'into' your fitness. They award you stuff and comment where DVDs don't :) pretty motivational for me.
The Charlie Brooker one is excellent and very effective. Never liked the Davina ones.

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