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Best method for firming inner thigh muscles & upper arms.

Hello Everyone,
Can anyone please advise me on the best method for firming the inner thigh muscles and the upper arms. What worked for you?

I have been going swimming once a week for 6 weeks, I am not a strong or very good swimmer, the best I can do is breast stroke (not very fast), but, so far I have not seen any difference in the shape or tone of my thighs or upper arms.

Tips, advice, greatly received.

Cheers, UCraig100
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Hi! I would definitely recommend using a cross trainer at the gym. If you aren't a gym member, buy a stepper from Tescos (about £35) and a set of hand weights, and aim to do a good twenty minutes a day. :)


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I will do my best to explain an inner thigh toning exercise... bear with me! :D

Lay on your right side and cross your left leg over your right (your left leg should be bent at the knee and your left foot flat on the floor, so your knee is pointing roughly upwards). Hold your left foot if you feel it slipping. Now lift your straightened right leg upwards, towards the back of your knee and then lower again and you should feel it working your inner thigh. Do the number of reps you want. Then bend your right leg at the knee and lift upwards and lower. Do as many reps as you feel comfortable with. Then extend your left leg and lift this straightened leg upwards and squeeze your thighs as you lower - again as many reps as you want. Do the same lying on your other side. Don't forget to pull in your stomach muscles when you're doing them.

Another one for thighs is mini sit-ups. In a sitting position, put one foot under a bed, or get someone to hold it and tuck your other leg under this leg (basically, so you're working one thigh at a time). Carefully lean back just a little way and then use your stomach and thigh muscles to complete the sit-up and bring you back to sitting upright. You only need to lean back a little bit, not all the way to the floor, just enough to feel your stomach and thighs working. Do the same with the other leg and whatever reps you feel comfortable with.

Upper arms - Triceps Extension. Hold a small bottle of water or a weight in your hand, straighten your arm above you and support the elbow with your other hand. Bend your arm at the elbow for the count of two and then straighten and you should feel your triceps working.

Hope that helps!

I'm really sorry if it's hard to understand. I'm trying to type this with my two year old chattering in my ear :D


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Hi Jules,
thanks for the info on inner thigh and triceps toning exercises. I'll figure it out, and give it a go.

I guess I should start slowing with alternative days and build up on the reps, right?

Thanks alot
Yes, definitely take it easy to begin with. Hope you get results!
Have you thought about taking a pilates class? That helps to tone your body.
I've only been going a couple of months but I notice a difference,Im not sure if that's just the pilates though coz I swim and go to the gym too. I do know that my arms and legs ache after a class so it must be doing some good!

Claire x


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Side lunges are good for your inner thighs, and doing tricep dips on the bottom stair or I use a dining chair.
For upper arms (side effect: shoulders and upper back) what made the fastest and most dramatic improvement for me was a modified push-up of sorts. Upper arms have always been my "weakest point" no matter what I did. Until this.

Basically, a downward dog yoga position (or however much of a pike you can comfortably make) and start lowering and raising your body weight, using only your arms and keeping that pike form, head in a neutral position. The pivot point is the toe of your shoe. And the closer your feet are together, the more weight that's focused on your arms. The good thing about this one is that you can totally modify it to your body's ability.

If you have really limber hamstrings, then for added challenge, you can try and keep your heels on the floor. Only if you're super-limber, though. Otherwise, you risk injury.

Other variations I've tried have helped also with balance. For example, pike, then lift one leg as high as I can, and do the push-up. Change legs after a few reps. Any time I get bored, I come up with some other version of the same thing. Maybe fingertips next....

I don't do gyms or free weights, and only did them while I was in the army, ages ago. I figure I'm walking around with the perfect built-in set of weights already (my body), so I use that to my advantage. The more weight I lose, yes, the less I'm "lifting"--but also the more reps I can do.
nice advice here guys x

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