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Best skin firming cream?


Having lost about 3 stone, (with almost the same still to go) I am finding that I am left with a wobbly and saggy belly.. I am looking for way to try and minimise this, and whilst I understand that to a degree its probably inevitable, I figure that anything I can try to help it is worth a go..

I am wondering how people have found firming creams - I can't find much scientific evidence that they work, so I wondered whether people had found them effective, and which ones you would recommend?

I have two at the moment, a nivea one, and palmers firming butter.. I have not been using them very regularly, but think I should start trying to!

Any sucess stories from using these, or any other, firming lotions or creams?
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I uses Palmer's, like you not everyday, so maybe not the best person to ask lol. But the occasions when I have used it a few days in a row, my stomach has felt smoother and -it's hard to deacribe- less lumpy and bumpy?

I'm going to use Palmer's every day. I've got nothing to give up for lent, as I've given everything up! So ill say, ill use Palmer's everyday for lent :)
I've been using Palmer's Firming Butter daily since last month. My skin is smooth and my inner thighs are firming up nicely.

Superdrug has Palmer's Firming Butter on special offer at the moment - 3 for the price of 2. I bought the last 3 from my local Superdrug this evening. TRESemme hair products are also on offer at £2.70 each.


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Mixedspice69 said:
I've been using Palmer's Firming Butter daily since last month. My skin is smooth and my inner thighs are firming up nicely.

Superdrug has Palmer's Firming Butter on special offer at the moment - 3 for the price of 2. I bought the last 3 from my local Superdrug this evening. TRESemme hair products are also on offer at £2.70 each.
May be a shot in the dark but I don't suppose it helps the lovely orange peel skin also known as celulite only us women have endure does it!???


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sigourney said:
I don't have cellulite ... Should I consider myself lucky ? :) x
Blinking right you should, I'll tell u what I'll trade you!

Ever noticed that the womens changing rooms tend to give you a 3D view these days, I bleeding 1D view front on is bad enough but blimey, u bend over to take ur trousers off and it's kind of here have that! Then again I suppose that's motivation in itself!
I might be talking against your wishes, but I say save your money and don't bother buying creams that don't work. Saggy skin is *not* going to be reduced by creams because it's *not* SKIN. It's FAT. saggy skin is the result of losing weight too fast. When you lose 3 or 4 or more lbs a week you're not losing just fat but especially muscle mass and water. Muscle mass is what your fat hangs on and if you lose too mush of it too quickly, your fat won't hang on anything and you'll look deprived, with loose skin. Skin creams don't work because nothing can make this fat disappear. The only way to really make the difference is to do exercise and not look at the scales when you lose weight but look at the centimetres or at the inches that you lose. Staying the same weight but losing cms means that you are losing fat and that your "saggy skin" will decrease. That's a long, long process though. I have slimmed with Weight Watchers between July 2009 and June 2010. I have lost 63 lbs, and at the end of my weight loss journey I had some noticeable loose skin. I have maintained up to now my weight loss and kept on following the maintenance diet, and kept on exercising (not regularly I must admit, but I do exercise!) and my loose skin is noticeably decreasing, and I am not using ANY cream. I'm way too lazy to put on creams, and if I don't see any result I get bored easily. You might see your skin slightly smoother because it would be more hydrated, but nothing more.

please don't waste your money! If you want something to smooth down your skin, use some baby oil or some moisturiser, it's as good as any expensive "firming" cream!
Sorry but I totally disagree.... I exercise 5 times a week , have no cellulite, have lost weight fast then slow then not...I need to lose I guess just under a stone now to be where I consider normal... My doctor said I have done great and can see have worked hard to tone and firm.... But nothing but surgery will get rid of my loose saggy tummy... Because 3 babies has over a period of 20 years just stretched it and nothing I do at the gym or otherwise will get rid of it... The more"fat" I lose the worse the wrinkly skin is.... So no it won't go with exercise or anything else except the "knife" x
i agree with sigourney, my friend lost 7st in 2years, maintained for three years before she was refferred for a tummy tuck on the nhs. i think 5yrs of swimming, running and a personal trainer weekly to target those areas helped with the muscle but did abs nothing for her skin as being over weight for all her adult life had stretched the skin so much.

the thing with creams is you sometimes find the cheap ones do just as good a job as the expensive ones as they do hydrate the skin to give the illusion of smoother skin.... a small price to pay for smoother skin though. i use no7 protect and perfect intense body serum. it smells lovely and leaves my skin looking and feeling amazing. ps rubbing any cream into areas prone to cellulite will reduce its appearance, especially if drinking a lot of water and cutting out caffeine, honestly my backside and top of my thighs was really bad and the appearance has improved dramatically. im not saying its down to this particular cream but massaging the area and keeping my skin hydrated internally and externally has worked wonders. use a good body brush and use it before baths or showers on dry skin working towards the heart, it hurts at first but after 4-5days its really refreshing... i know ive warbled on but hope this helps xx
whilst I know no cream is going to be a miracle worker, I have lost weight slowly - three stone over seven months, so less than 1 1/2 lbs a week, I'm already swimming, walking and doing yoga... I really just want to give myself the best shot at this that I can, and am prepared to try a few approaches, in the hope that one, or more, of them will help to some extent!

Taking care of my skin better is part of my new approach to looking after myself - when I was bigger, I wasn't very good at seeing this as important, so it is part of changing that mindset.

Whilst I know no cream is a magic potion, firming lotions are not particularly expensive, there are plenty available for under a fiver... both the ones I am using (palmers and nivea) were about the £4 mark, and last weeks, even if used twice daily, so it's not a significant expenditure.

Having said that, I have started using them twice a day, to see if I notice a difference, and my skin is certainly feeling better and looking smoother - it's not drastic, but I do think it's a positive, and I think that anything that makes you feel better about your changing body whilst losing weight is a good thing - we all know how important to the process psychology is, and at the moment, I feel anything that makes me feel more positive about my body, and which is about taking care of my body is an important affirmation...

I'm also going to try the body brushing (thanks for the suggestion), as I think that improving circulation and exfoliating is likely to be helpful to some degree too, if nothing else it should improve skin texture.

Do you use a brush specifically designed for this? Where did you get it from? I will go and google now and see if I can find one!

thanks again, and yes, I agree that massaging moisturiser in may be the helpful part, especially for cellulite... good luck folks! :)
I agree that a cream with an spf in helps protect facial skin... however, my belly has never seen the sun, so I dont think it would make much difference there!
I had an eye opener a year or so ago. In a blind testing, Aldi (yes, the 'cheap o shop) came out tops on all its make up and skin care range. Beating Boots's expensive creams hands down. I didn't really believe it so bought a jar of skin cream and now I wouldn't buy anything else. I am a green eyed red head, in her 60's who has always had to be careful with things I put on my face (Avon and L'Oreal bring me out in blotches.) I have no trouble with Aldi.Aldi moisturiser( in the dark blue bottle) smells just like Nivea and is wonderful on the skin after a bath