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BetsyBotox - you are back :D :D


Otherwise known as Jools
Hey Betsy - seen a few of your posts around with your fabulous losses on - :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D brilliant well done you - fantastic work - puts my efforts to shame a bit lol. I had a break at Christmas and have been struggling to get back on board. Glad that you are doing so well - just one question though - how you doing with the loose skin problem, apart from the hair loss that its my main worry now that I am getting smaller :D

Glad you are around girl :D
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Joooooooooooooooools baby! You made me blush, grrrr. Aww thank you for your lovely compliments. I just can't get used to compliments!

Get your ass back on board the train! You are a strong determined focused lady. You deserve to be the person you've always wanted to be, you deserve that sexy, gorgeous body! Get that pretty head in gear and you can achieve that goal no problem. Look how far you've come and how much you've achieved, you can't let yourself down now! Keep reminding yourself why you're doing this. You deserve to be happy inside and out. So you had a little blip, big deal, dust yourself off and get back that determined attitude.

I've been hitting the gym pretty hard. 6 days a week. I'm toning every chance I get haha! I'm moisturising, oiling twice a day. I've had three 10/11lb babies so I'm not going to have the body of Goddess, I'm realistic! My skin is actually fantastic considering the amount of weight I've lost, plus the fact I'm no spring chicken! My tummy still has plenty fat on it, that's were my last few stones of fat are hiding! So no loose skin on the tum yet. I'm just working really hard to prevent it but if it comes, it comes. I don't want to go down the surgery route but if I have to I will. I guess these last few stone will tell the tale. I'd rather have a bit of loose skin than my mountain of fat any day!

Oh my hair is falling out bad! I'm like Hansel and Gretal leaving a trial of hair everywhere I go! Saying that I'm saving a fortune not having to have it cut so often, as it doesn't grow!

I've missed this place but Christmas and New Year is such a nightmare busy time for me, and being fit and healthy made me take on so much more this year, so I was even busier! My life has changed beyond belief, I can't even begin to describe how much, and it's all thanks to LT, this forum and people like yourself!


Otherwise known as Jools
Aww Betsy thanks very much for your remarks - again like you not used to the compliments but very much appreciated they are too :D and a lovely boost to the ego they are too.

I really do have to get back on board properly - I have come to far (and spent so much money) to lose it all now. I must keep thinking of my hols and lying on that beach in a bikini (Bali in October :D ). Of course that is not my only motivation. When I look at my body it is so much nicer than it used to be - its nice to be able to sit in the car and not have my belly rubbing on the steering wheel, to be able to go to "normal" shops and buy clothes, to be able to get compliments from people I have not seen for a long time - only this morning a nurse at work who I had not seen for months said that I looked fabulous so that should spur me on, lots of people now call me "skinny" which I think is funny cos I'm not quite there yet.

If I can lose another 4 stone then I will be ecstatic and such a difference will be made to my health and my looks - I would be a new person.

I have to remember those thoughts and that will spur me on to keep on losing. I have to step up my exercise and the moisturising then to look after my skin - have been a little bit lax in that area to be honest and as for my hair - its quite scary how much is coming out and its such as shame as my hair is now the longest I have ever had it and I would like it to be longer. I dont really want to cut it because its so thin and straggly - although looking a bit like a witch would suit for a while lol.

Great to have you back - you got a lot of reading to catch up on - Some oldies are back and lots of newbies to talk to, encourage and support. :D


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Bali?! You lucky duck! Well if that's not a goal to focus on I don't know what is!

Your second paragraph shows me how much you want this Jools. Print it out and keep it with you at all times. You've not lost control at all! It's all still there, you just have to give yourself a little reminder now and again. Imagine the compliments and reactions from people when you do reach goal!? Your head will end up bigger than your whole body!

The difference losing weight makes to your life is amazing. I honestly don't know how I coped being so big. I find it all very sad, and just before Christmas I had a little cry, kind of mourned the loss of the fat. I was thinking back and realised how much the bulk was destroying me. Not only me but everyone around me. The weight was making me a horrible, miserable person. I was full of insecurities and self loathing. I hated myself, so therefore thought everyone around me hated me also. I was constantly on the defensive, not letting anyone in, keeping everyone at a distance.

Exercise is fantastic. It also gives you something to focus on other than LT. Once you get into the swing of it, you can't stop. After a few weeks you'll start to notice the changes in your body and that will spur you on to keep at it. Toning really does help. I guess my body could have been in a right state had I not been exercising. Start now and you'll see the difference in a couple of weeks. I use Bio Oil, Palmers Cocoa Toning lotion, Palmer Cocoa Butter, Palmers Olive oil cream stuff and Boots No7 Protect and Perfect Moisturising cream. I make a big concoction of it all together, and rub it all over. Your skin feels gorgeous after it.

My hair falling out started to scare me! I thought sh*t by the end of this I'm going to be a skinny bald woman! My advice is to have it cut! Having it cut will make it look thicker and healthier. You can always let it grow again once your at your goal.

So much reading to catch up on, and I keep getting disturbed! Have to go shopping now but I'll try and pop on later when my house is less hectic!

Loadsa love


Oh did Lucy (Determined Girl) ever come back?


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Fabulous Betsy!

Where have you been? You have been a huge miss on here:( You are losing weight at such a fast pace and you are a great inspiration to everyone!

Clair x:D