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BIG, BRAVE, BEAUTIFUL....and very honest

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Missjodielb, 17 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. Missjodielb

    Missjodielb Well-Known Member

    2014 was a turning point for me and I have really done myself proud this year so far.

    Jan - Weaned myself of the last of a high dose of anti depressants

    Mar - Took a risk at an intensice driving course

    Apr - Passed my test

    May - Finally got my finances under control and managed to buy my first car

    June- Enrolled to finally finish My AAT become a full AAT memeber ( accountancy course)

    This should feel fantastic and I should be ready to take on the world as I have overcome fears and reached goals I thought were impossible, but instead I am tired, fed up, and my self esteem in on the floor.
    I have been trying to do SW for 2 years with no lasting results because my head has been all over the place. I tried WW for 4 weeks and lost 4lb but felt soooo hungry

    I don't quite understand why I can't just STICK TO THE RULES and lose weight I am so frustrated. I have screamed, cried, given up, restarted, tried other diets, read books on food addiction and all the while I'm still 3-4 stone overweight.

    Giving up is not an option for me though I am going to rejoin a new class on Thur where hopefully no-one knows me and have a fresh start. My Food optimising will start today.

    HEX A: Milk for Coffee
    HEX B: 1 slice of Wholemeal bread

    Syns: 2/15

    B: 1 Toast(with butter 2 syns),Banana and grapes, coffee and sweetner
    L: Chicken thighs and salad
    D: Bolognaise (SW recipe) tomaotoes and mushrooms

    Last edited: 17 June 2014
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  3. sloanranger57

    sloanranger57 Well-Known Member

    Hiya, I can understand a lot of your thoughts. I am presently overweight in debt and overspend. Started SW last Thursday, going well up to now but I am only 5 days in. Good Luck on your weight Loss Journey.

    Jo x
  4. Missjodielb

    Missjodielb Well-Known Member

    Thanks Jo, hopefully we can spur each other on..... we both have the same goal weight AND get weighed on a THUR :)
  5. sloanranger57

    sloanranger57 Well-Known Member

    Oh wow, Ive just looked at your info on left hand side. Wow how very similar, brilliant. Are you starting class this Thursday. I thought about the price of class. But then thought. I waste 3 times that every week. Thats another work in progress, stop wasting money.

    Where do you live, region that is, dont need your address lol. I am in the north east of England

    Jo x
  6. Missjodielb

    Missjodielb Well-Known Member

    I live in manchester

    I need a group as you get so much support so it is value for money for me ....I'm starting on Thur but at a new class ive never been to before
  7. sloanranger57

    sloanranger57 Well-Known Member

    Oh , im doing race for life in Manchester weekend of 12-13th of July. Machester not that far from me, nice to have someone local....ish. Im worried about getting weighed, eaten so much but within plan !!!! never ate this much before, while trying to lose weight. I much prefer a class too

    Jo x
  8. Missjodielb

    Missjodielb Well-Known Member

    Wow race for life well done ...i'm on week 4 of couch to 5k! I've been week 4 for a while i'm scared to move onto week 5 haha

    Slimming world is great for being full... you just have make sure you keep trying new receipes so you don't get bored... I hae made some of my best meals from a SW mag or receipe book
  9. sloanranger57

    sloanranger57 Well-Known Member

    wow this is unreal, I started c25k a while a go, got up to week 4 and stopped, how weird is this ? lol. I am not jogging all of 5k, I jog and walk, already done 2 this year. I had a knee replacement last September, so no excuses now ! I am off to work at 715pm, I work night shift on a 4 0n 4 off rota. I also have insomnia, had it since birth. I don't suffer with it, I just don't need a lot of sleep

    Jo x
    Last edited: 17 June 2014
  10. GingerJV

    GingerJV Well-Known Member

    Hello Miss! Welcome!! Good luck with all of your goals. It seems you are very motivated and it's very important! Wish you all the best
  11. sloanranger57

    sloanranger57 Well-Known Member

    Morning, hope yesterday was a good day for you. I'm in off night shift, all well and stayed within plan. Tin of cold bake beans and a spoon was yummy and very filly. Fab when you can snack on such wholesome food and not break your weight loss plans.

    Still not stepped on the scales and im a daily weigher as a rule, just scared of all the food ive eaten lol. Id be guted if I had gained. Last night shift for me tonight, then off for 4 nights.

    Im doing a aubergine recipie today, never tasted or used it before !!!

    Have a fab day

    Jo x
  12. Missjodielb

    Missjodielb Well-Known Member

    Hi and thank you...yesterday was ok not 100% (i.e half a bottle of wine lol)as I don't officially start till tmw1 I got the membership deal out of the reveal mag which is good ....I am getting really excited to meet my new group.
  13. Missjodielb

    Missjodielb Well-Known Member

    I could not work nights i would turn into a WITCH hahaha what do you work as?

    OOOuch a knee replacement...well done at not letting it stop you

    I canlt wait to find out how much you lost tmw :)
  14. sloanranger57

    sloanranger57 Well-Known Member

    I have worked nights for 18yr now, if i cant sleep i can do stuff to tire myself, but being awake during the night does my head in. I work in a small residential home for adults with special needs, 15 min walk from my house. . I have worked there for 13yr. Love it, its like home from home, kick off ya shoes and put ya feet up. I also have a brother with special needs, he is 44 now, he is downs. so special needs comes second nature to me, I was 13 when he was born. He is apple of my eye, he will live with us, when mam cant manage anymore. Mam is 83 and fitter than me !!! OH i went on a bit there.

    Wine lol, i like my wine too when im off. The 3 things I have to curb is bread, milk and wine. But less bread is good, I was a big bread eater.

    I have eaten lots of food, worried about getting weighed, but I dont think I have done anything wrong ? my syns have been about 5 to 7 a day. What time is your class tomorrow night, mine is at 7pm

    Jo x
  15. sloanranger57

    sloanranger57 Well-Known Member

    Hiya, did you go to class. My first weigh in was a 4lb loss

    Jo x
  16. Missjodielb

    Missjodielb Well-Known Member

    Wow what a rewarding job and the fact thatyou love it makes it even better. I have a brother with autism but i wouldnt chang him fo rthe world....its who they are isnt it. I bet you rmum thanks God fo you and your supoort
    4lb for eating alll week and never getting hungy WELL DONE that is fantastic.

    My new group is amazing I absolutely LOVED it so excited for my first week - yea 7pm

    It was quiet cos of the match though :)
  17. Missjodielb

    Missjodielb Well-Known Member

    Week 1: Day1

    Hex A: Milk
    Hex B: Oil
    Syns: 35/105
    Exercise: None
    B: Coffee/Milk/Sweetner
    L: Ngau Lam - Thai Beef Stew with vegetables (6) D: Ngau Lam - Thai Beef Stew with vegetables(6) S: Crunchy Nut Cornflakes (10)/4 Spring Rolls (8 ) / Popcorn (5)

    I know today was quite high in syns, however, this has been the one day I knew would not fit perfectly with the plan as it was our monthly free lunch Friday at work! I chose a dish with vegetables, stewed beef and boiled rice. I then added the oil as my HEX B and as it is a thick chip chop curry type sauce I looked up the chip shop curry syns and assuming they mean small tubs doubled the syns and added them to the meal. I could have had a SW dinner but I had left overs from lunch so finished that! All in all I used 35 syns which isn't too bad at all as I have 105 for the week leaving me with 70 (11 syns a day) which more than enough :)

    Im planning my meals today and going shopping! I am so excited in my first week. I love planning, cooking, and eating :)
  18. sloanranger57

    sloanranger57 Well-Known Member

    At least you knew it was coming and made healthy choices, well done. Here is too a fab week

    Jo x
  19. Missjodielb

    Missjodielb Well-Known Member

    Ok so after a CRAZY weekend of craving all syns possible I got to Monday morning and realised it was because my body was preparing for STAR WEEK

    All in all I did not use all 70 syns I had left still have 16.5 to use over 3 days.

    Heres my record:

    Hex A:
    Hex B:

    Syns: 9.5/70
    Exercise: 30 min interval training
    B: Green Tea, yougurt (0.5) banana, grapes and tangerine
    L: SW Chips
    D: Homemade bolognaise mushrooms, tomatoes, tesco extra lean mince (1)
    S: Orange juiice (5), Belvita biscuit (3.5)

    Hex A:Milk
    Hex B: Oil

    Syns: 34/60.5
    B: Bacon Barm (10) Oil Banana
    L: Tuna sweetcorn pasta and extra light mayo (1)
    D: Tuna sweetcorn pasta and extra light mayo (1)
    S: Coffee 2 sugars (2), Ice cream (13), 2 x Belvita (7)

    Hex A: Milk
    Hex B: Toast

    Syns: 10/26.5
    Exercise:20 min walk
    B: Toast Butter (2) coffee, banana and grapes
    L: Mccain Jacket potato (1) with beans and musrooms
    D: Jerk Chicken (1.5), rice, and peppers
    S: Quavers (5.5)
  20. Missjodielb

    Missjodielb Well-Known Member

    Hex A: Milk
    Hex B: Toast

    Syns: 7/26.5

    Yogurt (0.5) coffee, banana
    L: Wholemeal Toast with beans and hot sauce
    D: Jerk Chicken (1.5), rice, and peppers
    S: Popcorn (5)

    I'm in the swing of things now just need to make sure i'm drinking plenty of water and fitting inmy exercise ... Not sure i'll get the big result I wanted this week even though I have stayed withing my sysns ... think I need to up my superfree
  21. Missjodielb

    Missjodielb Well-Known Member

    Hex A: Milk
    Hex B: Toast

    Syns: 13.5/19.5

    Yogurt (0.5) coffee, banana
    L: Coffee, Wholemeal Toast, Butter (2) banana
    D: Home made bolognaise, mince (1), tomatoes, mushrooms, pasta
    S: Scone (10)

    THREE 100% days in a row :innocent0002: I'm sooo proud of myself

    I have enjoyed my first week with SW and can't wait to get to group tonight weigh in and have a natter about life :)


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