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Bigfatbelly says howdy!

Hi all,

The name says it all!

I'm here as a last ditch effort at shifting those pesky two stone which would turn me into some sort of female adonis, and have the whole world falling at my feet....or to shift those pesky two stone which are depressing the hell out of me, and filling me with self-loathing and disgust.

I have to do this. I have to get my head round the fact that a pound a week will do very nicely thank you. I have to.

It's a long time since I've done SW, so could I ask anyone for a brief run-down of the three days. I'd really appreciate any help, or handy tips that anyone can give me.

Thank you so much.
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Was starting to write your name-and there is no way I can!! lol! Can we please have a bit of positive thinking here-you are just gently rounded!! Lol!! A big welcome! Theres probably a few changes to the plan, but ask away and good luck!!


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Welcome along BFB!! Are you planning on going to class or going it alone?

It's always best to join a group, even if it's just to get all the books and have the plans explained to you by the consultant.

Good luck, the weight is sure to come off with SW!
I think I'm going to have to go it alone, as our local class is at kids' bed time. I'd like to go, but it's probably not going to happen....


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That's a shame but lots of people do go it alone. The new mag is out very soon (just got it in class), they have a seven day EE menu which will give you some good ideas. There is a lot to explain but I think you can get the books off ebay which will also help.

Could you go to just one class even if it's to get the books etc?
Yeah, I think I'm going to manage to go once to grab books....but I know I'll want to go the week after to weigh in. Might have to do some begging / heavy explaining to OH about why it's important to me. I've been hanging around this weight for just too long, and have got to the stage where I think I really need the fear of weigh in to keep me going. It's pathetic isn't it?!!!


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No it's not pathetic at all! I've been at target for almost a year and I still go every single week, without fail, because i still need the fear of weigh in to stop me from putting every single pound (and more) back on!

If you put the kids to bed 6 nights then surely OH can do it for one? I know it's not always easy, but hopefully he will realise how much it means to you.

Good luck!
We always share the job...but I'm working on the principal that I can always just run in and get weighed.

He's not being massively supportive, but in fairness to him, I think he's seen me set off on these weigh-loss journeys a million times, with only a couple of proper successes.

Well, I'll just have to show him, won't I??!!!


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Been there, this was the last time on the dieting wagon for me, i'm never falling off again!!!
Good luck BFB, stick around and let us know how your are doing.
Great to have you join us :) love the name - Ive got one of them too..... a BFB not a great user name I mean LOL but its getting smaller, thanks to SW and these fab folks on this forum :)

Pound a week sounds do'able, betcha lose more in week one .... gwooooooonnnnnn you can do it!!

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