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Biggie's after holiday WI :)


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Hi everyone :)

I'm back, relaxed and happy!
This morning after holiday WI got me under 200lbs!!!! yay!!! I'm 195lb now!!! Another 6lb gone!! whoooo!!! :party0011:

I did enjoyed my holiday. And I realized:
- food is not what makes me feel good
- don't need to eat to have a good time
- I want to be slim
- I don't need to make myself to follow this diet because this is my decision and this is me who wants it.
I had 3 AAM days during my holiday. I enjoyed my little meals and was able to stay under control. Then I felt very proud of myself (still do).

On my way back home there was one a little stressful situation. I had nothing to eat since 9am (had a soup at 9am) to the end of the day. So while on a plane I wanted to buy Egg&Mayo sandwich. I had no more packs with me, but mineral water.
Unfortunately they didn't have Egg&Mayo sandwiches. There was quite a selection of everything but not what I was craving for.
I haven't touched 'normal' food since started this diet. My body wanted egg so much... I wasn't that interested in bread, just the egg and mayonnaise. Well...
I didn't take ANYTHING instead. And no, I wasn't upset at all. Just drunk my water watching lovely clouds and blue sky.

What happened here:
I have managed not to binge cos of stress. I stayed happy and relaxed. I stayed under control of my body. I have won.
When I got back home, had some more water, then green tea, and after my shower, all refreshed and relaxed I had a strawberry shake.
As you see, it is possible. It is doable.

I'm not saying that every single moment during my holiday was easy. No. I had cravings, I wanted a little this or that. But I kept 'talking' to myself, reminding myself what was my goal, what would make me feel better and happier, where I wanted to be next year, how I wanted to look this Christmas, and that I had stayed on track for so long, that a little bit of this or that was not worth it, I was doing it for myself, because I wanted it.

I think everyone needs some time for himself, to think what is the most important thing, what is first, what are the priorities.
It takes a while to realize it. To start living for ourselves, value ourselves, treat ourselves with a respect, give ourselves a chance to stay healthy and happy, because this is our life and all we have is one life.

So yes, I spent a lot of time reading, thinking and walking during last two weeks.
I also enjoyed parties, BBQ and so on. It was me who decided what/if I wanted to eat anything.
It is my body, my life and my decision.

I hope you all stay strong and have fantastic results soon!!!
Please, let yourself to be happy.
Love you all guys!!!
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Well done Tinchy!!!

You're another great inspiration to everyone who is thinking about starting, has just started and even those who are weeks into the Exante diet!!

Glad you enjoyed the holiday too :D
You are totally awesome! An inspiration indeed.


This is my year
What a lovely post!

I am going away on holiday in October. Can I ask how you managed with packs while you were away? Must have needed an extra suitcase to carry them all!!!


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Thank you lass321, MrMojo, heffer, Darcy15 :)
I would be nowhere without you guys!
You are my motivation. And you are doing great!


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Darcy15 I had 12 soups, 12 shakes and 12 bars with me. And it doesn't take that much space at all. :) I put them flat. And had one bar in my handbag, cut into 4 little pieces, so I could have it on my way.
I bet you will be fine with your packs. Just one top less in your suitcase and it does fit in.


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Thank you missbiker :)


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Thank you Emma :)
Look at you! you are doing fab!!! wow :eek:


This is my year
Hi Biggie!

Just looked, and realised we have almost exactly the same amount of weight to lose!

I am a bit shorter than you - well, a lot shorter to be honest!!

You are a real inspiration to me, just wanted you to know that.


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Thank you Darcy15 :)
You're doing extremely well as I can see! Go us!!! :party0011::party0011::party0011:


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How dedicated are you!! That is amazing to lose 6lbs after your holiday. A huge well done to you.

I'm heading off to tenerife for a week in October and did toy with the idea taking my foodpacks with me, but having paid for an all inclusive holiday, i've decided i will not bother. I think it will be my add a meal week anyway, so i've decided i am going to eat, but NO carbs. I'm sure I'll be able to stick to just having fish, meat, eggs etc. with maybe a little green salad, because after sole sourcing for 8 weeks it will still feel like a treat being able to eat 'normal' food.

Once again - i think it is amazing what you have achieved and what an inspiration to others.

Val x


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Thank you Val123 :) you lost 10lb in a week! wow, that is a great result! Keep it up!!!
I think the idea with no_carbs during your holiday is very interesting. Just remember about fruits and vegetables - some of them do have a lot of carbs and calories too. The same with proteins - cheese - almost no carbs but a lot of calories.
Please, double check carbs and calories value before you go. Don't eat/drink more than 1000cal and you will be fine.
I will keep my fingers crossed for you and wish you good luck and fabulous holiday!
Biggie :)


Fat ain't Fab!
Wow, what an inspiration.

I notice you started your Exante journey in May when I turned 40!.... This was the time I realized I need to do something before I reach 41. Unfortunately at that time I didn't know about Exante and had never considered a a VLCD before, if only I knew then I could have been as far as you are and be over half way to my goal by now!
No worries, though...I am now focusing on getting past the half way point by Christmas instead and to have reached my goal before my 41st birthday.

Well done again biggie, a truly brilliant post that inspires us all.


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Thank you Lellylion :)
I wish you good luck on your exante journey!
You will be in 8's in no time. Stay strong and focused and do it for yourself. You'll love it!
Well done Biggie! You've just proved that a holiday can be enjoyed without having to go mad on food and what a great feeling to jump on the scales after and be 6lbs lighter. If you're anything like me, in the past it could so easily have been 6lbs heavier!



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Thank you leesecandoit :)

In the past, I could easily put on about 2st during two weeks... Well, I did. Before my holiday was mostly like sitting in front of my computer, drinking coffee, eating sweets, cakes, crisps and so on...then vomiting and eating again the same junk food. I don't want and won't go back to that.

You're doing great! Keep it up! We can do it together :)

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