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Biggirls CD Diary


Hi everyone,

Let's just cut to the chase. I'm starting CD on Sunday. I've been avoiding it by going with other diets where I get to eat more but I don't think anything will compare.

I went to a fitness weekend last week and went to a seminar run by Dual Dynamics. They're a couple who are now CDCs. The man actually lost 112lbs in 24 weeks!! Amazing!
I found that his words were so powerful and actually made me choke up. When I walked in I saw that it was the CD and I said straight away that I wouldn't be able to do it. What he said instantly changed my mind.

After the seminar, I went back to my room (I was staying in a hotel) and had a real ugly cry. I started shouting at myself! I have done so many diets in the past but haven't stuck to any of them. WHY HAVEN't I? I get upset when I look at myself in the mirror.
I'm 24 now - I got fat at around 19 but for some reason I don't remember ever being thin! I feel like I've been dieting for most of my life. The only thing that is stopping me is me. No one is forcing food down my throat. Why moan about it if I'm not going to do anything to solve it?

I contacted a CDC in my area today and I'm going to see her on Wednesday. My DH is off to India for 9 days on Sunday so I thought it would be a good time to start. I won't have to worry about what he's going to eat and it also gives me the motivation to carry on and stick to it. It also means that he will come back to a (hopefully) dramatic change.

If I learned anything from Laurence, it was to set a deadline. So my deadline is the 28th of August. That's actually my DH's birthday! My goal is to lose 35lbs. I'm gonna do that. I'm GOING to lose it. There's no point in hoping that I will lose it. It's about knowing that I will lose it. Whenever I say to people that I have a goal they think it's unacheivable. Again from Laurence "Don't ever underestimate yourself".

I'm looking forward to this life change and I'm hoping to keep you all updated. I will be starting a VLOG on Youtube and I will also be updating Twitter so please take a look!

Cheers - to the beginning of the rest of my life!

Cat xx
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I had a lovely message on Twitter from Laurence at Dual Dynamics. I can't believe how helpful he is. He's really lovely and it's worth taking a look at his Youtube videos. He gave me his number so I can call him for support.
I'm excited about tomorrow actually! I'm meeting my new CDC at 6 straight from work. I'm not sure if I have to take cash with me or not. I'll take some with me just in case. Actually, I'll text her tonight and find out how much it is.
I'm going to be doing a couple of VLOGs in the lead up to me starting CD. I hope you tune in!!

I might buy myself a little outfit 2 sizes smaller than I need. That will give me some motivation!!

If anyone has some words of wisdom or tips, I'd be more than happy to listen!!

Cat xx


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Good luck! With this motivation you'll be just fine. The diet isn't so bad, just keep guzzling the water! Best of luck to you!!


I'm really looking forward to tonight! I got a reply from my CDC and she told me the price (which was cheaper than I was expecting) and that she has all of the packs at home so I can take them straight away.
I'm wondering whether or not I should just start the diet tomorrow. The only thing is that there is this thing on Saturday called Grillfest which I have been looking forward to since about March. There will be lots of meat to sample. Maybe I just shouldn't go. There's also the St Paul's Carnival on the same day and that usually involves eating! I think if I go to neither, that would be great proof of my determination!

I mentioned to my work colleagues that I was starting the Cambridge diet. They asked a load of questions that I was happy to answer but when I told them how many calories I'd be having a day, they were in shock. They kept saying that it wasn't enough calories to keep me going through the day blah, blah, blah.

I really hate that people can know nothing about the science of a diet but cast all sorts of judgement.

Another reason why I want to start tomorrow is because I've heard that days 3 and 4 are the worst for headaches and stuff and that would be at the weekend so at least I wouldn't be at work.

Anyway, I'll update you later.

Cat xx


Okay, so I've decided that I will stick to my original plan and start on Sunday. I've been looking forward to GrillStock since March so don't want to miss out for the sake of a couple of days.

I met with my new CDC this evening and she is really lovely! She's the same age as me (24) and we get on really well! I was there for 2 hours because we spent so much time chatting! She even liked me so much that she let me try on of her chocolate flavoured tetra's. I said that I didn't really like chocolate flavoured things but she said that it tasted more like malt. She was right and I ordered two of the powders.

I ordered 2 of all of my selections and added a couple to make up my week. She also said that if there was anything I didn't like I could text her and pick up a different one.

I'm really glad that I get on well with her because it makes it easier. She's also starting on Monday so we are going to be buddies too!

Anyway, unless I come up with anything interesting, I will be back on Sunday with the progress of my first day!

Cat xx
good luck! you sound really keen and motivated and I'm sure you'll do really well x


Day 1: He's gone :(

I said goodbye to my DH about half an hour ago. He's off to India for 9 days for training :cry:. This is going to be hard. But as he rightly said - if I can make it through these 9 days on CD, the rest will be easy.

I can now officially call my weight. It's 205lbs:eek:. If I manage it, my July goal will take me down to 180lbs which I would be so happy with! I'm already thinking ahead to the August challenge! I think (depending on how easy it comes off this month) I will aim for 15-20lbs.

Because DH left, I'm up really early. I've filled up my water bottle so I can start chugging. I like water, so hopefully, it won't be a problem.

I'm glad that I now know my starting weight as I can create a ticker and set myself some goals so I will do that (probably before anyone even reads this).

Good luck to all of my July Challenge buddies and to everyone else. Together, we can do this!


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Your posts are very motivating. Sending you vibes of comfort while your sweetheart is away :vibes: You are doing great!!!


Thanks Missfortissimo! I wasn't expecting anyone to be up this early! Now that I am though, I want to hold out until 10 until I have my first mealpack!
I'm glad you think they are motivating. I need to do it for myself and hopefully it will help others too.


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Actually I'm in the States so I'm 6 hours behind you! :eek: I should really get to bed, haha! ;) Have a great day!
9 days will fly by, don't you worry. It's probs better for him to be gone so he won't have to deal with your grizzly mood the first few days, tee hee;)
I'm a water drinker too, have no problem with 3 or 4 litres each day but I've had to change my regimen a bit - I drink the majority of the water BEFORE 7pm because otherwise I'm up twice in the night and that is really annoying. So now I will have chugged at least 1.5 litres by noon and the rest is easy.
Hold on to that motivation and attitude and you'll be fab :)



It's just gone midday and I'm hungry. I caved and had my breakfast at around 9.45. I've drunk about a litre and a bit of water so far and like CheeseGirl, I also like to finish drinking by about 8pm.

I want to hold out until around 2pm before having lunch. I might go through my wardrobe a bit because I'm watching Gok and he's inspiring me.

To be fair, I think today is harder than most. I usually sleep later on a weekend but today I was up at 5am. I've already been up for 7 hours! By that reasoning, on a weekday I'm up 2 hours later but I'm working throughout the day. On a weekend, I'm up at around 10am and wouldn't even think about eating until at least 1pm.

At least if I go through my wardrobe, I can see what clothes I have!


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It's actually better for your metabolism to eat breakfast first thing in the morning, if you don't mind me saying...!


Day 1 Done!

Yay me! I made it through day one!
I did start off on a bit of a wobble but I think that it was more to do with me being up so early than anything else.

I spoke to DH and he landed safely in India (thank God), I was worried about him going all that way by himself. Now he's at the hotel, I feel much better.

I spoke to my mum earlier and she said that she would be happy for me to stay over for a little while if I start to get lonely. She was very interested in the diet! She said that she wanted to see how I did before making any decisions. My mum has excellent willpower so I'm sure that it wouldn't be a problem for her. I said I'd let her know how it goes each step of the way.

I'm actually feeling really positive about the diet and I don't feel hungry at the moment. I know it has only been one day but at least I made it through.

I know you shouldn't weigh yourself midweek but if I'm feeling down or thinking of giving up I will. I think seeing pounds lost will help keep me motivated. If anything, I want to get through the first week. Then hopefully, if I wanted to quit, the scales would stop me.

Anyway, that's all from me tonight.

Cat xx


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Well done! You've done brilliantly, I love your motivation and determination. I'm starting......again.....tomorrow. I've pledged that I'm going to get through this week 100% so my integrity is at stake if I don't lol! I hope tomorrow flies by smoothly for you. You can and will do this!! And it'll take your mind off missing your DH.:)


Day 2: So far so good

Thanks Cee, don't worry, we can both get through this together. Just think about why you're doing it!

Just a quick morning update. I didn't get to sleep until gone 2 this morning. I think it was more to do with my DH not being here. This morning I actually got up with ease! I usually get up at the latest possible time but I got up, went downstairs and had my porridge - Apple and Cinnamon. I added extra cinnamon too!

Now I'm going to fill up my water bottle and head off into work!

Speak to you all this evening!

Cat xx


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Oooooh, I've never thought about adding extra cinnamon, what a good idea. Have a lovely day at work. x


Day 2: Done!

Day 2 is done!!

I'm really proud of myself for getting through today. I actually felt full of energy!

I have had a slight headache all day but nothing to worry about. I had the spicy tomato soup for dinner - It was NOT nice!

I don't think I like the soups in general. I'm actually not too sure about the porridges either but they're doable. I might have to stick to the shakes.

I haven't felt hungry but I have come to a conclusion.

It's not about conquering the need. It's about conquering the want.

It's all good and well being in ketosis and not feeling hungry. If that was the only thing stopping us from eating we wouldn't be in this position in the first place! We need to understand and really ask ourselves why we want the food. Think about why you are dieting. And think of how amazing it will feel when you reach your goal!

Until next time...

Cat xx


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Apples and cinnamon is a great combo :D

I am reading a book called "Life is Hard, Food is Easy" and the author discusses emotional reasons for eating when not hungry. Your post reminded me of it! You are very wise :)

Keep up the good work!

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