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biggysmalls food diary


Too big to fail
I've really got out of the habit of recording all I eat....I used to have a little book but I got to the end of it and this has coincided with parties/weddings/holidays/many other excuses to stay off the wagon. So here goes - my food diary. Hope I am motivated enough to keep this diary until I reach target (at least!) Even as I write, I know i have a meal out tomorrow night and a wedding next week.....but in the old days, I used to save my syns, make sensible choices and so on.... I wanto to go back to that feeling of being able to eat without losing the run of myself and feeling guilty.

Today - Friday 2nd July green Day
Breakfast - fresh fruit, granola (syns?!?!) and semi-skimmed milk (HEXa), 1 slice of toast = 4 syns; 2 small glasses of orange juice 5 syns? (I was staying in a hotel and decided to go a bit mad!)

No lunch

Snack - Alpen Light (half a HEXb)

Dinner - omelette with 28g cheese (HEXa) tomatoes, mushrooms. 2% natural yoghurt with 1teaspoon lemon curd (1 syn)

Socialising - 2 diet coke; 1 bacardi (4 syns)

Supper - 42 g crunchy bran (Hex b) and semi skimmed milk (aaaaagghhh!)

Okay, I'm a bit disappointed with how I've let things slip -I used to be soooo strict and recently I've been a big cheat. But starting this has been an eye-opener and just what I needed.
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Too big to fail
28g of granola is 6.5 syns...that's way over 15. Must do better!


Too big to fail
Day 2 of diary Saturday 3rd July EE Day with flexi-syn evening meal (special occasion)

Breakfast - 42g crunchy bran (HEXb) and 250ml s/s milk (HEXa)

I forgot to say...I do mostly green days.
I'm thinking that this diary is going to be pretty boring to read but like I say, it's more to keep me on track although the thought of someone else reading and thinking "OMG biggysmalls is SW joke!" should also keep me motivated!
Thing is, I'm going out for a birthday meal tonight.....I'm going to try to be good all day and then allow myself to relax this evening. I'm already thinking some red wine might be involved.....

Lunch - spaghetti hoops and vegetable dumplings (2 syns)

Evening - flexi-syn special meal out...50 syns?
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Addicted to Minimins!
Hi biggysmalls - nobody would read your diary and think you were a SW joke! I have only been following SW for 3 weeks and have found keeping a diary has kept me motivated, I also like having a nose at other people's for ideas and encouragement esp the SW'ers that are near the finishing line.

Good luck for WI this week and I if it's ok I'll pop in again soon, donna x


Too big to fail
Thanks, donnajt. I guess i'm just disappointed at how much I've let things slide, but I feel more positive just for starting this.

I had an amazing birthday meal last night and bar the alcohol, think I made good SW choices...the quantities were quite small and the quality was superb.
Starter - tuna
Main - asparagus, egg and hollandaise sauce, roast veg, a few chips.
Dessert - about 50 g cheese and three crackers

Alcohol - half a bottle of rioja (15), 1 Calvados as a digestif, 4 vodkas in the club
I was hoping to come in under the 50syns for last night and think I did, so happy days.
Right then, next planned off-plan day is next Friday (wedding) but once again, I'll try not to totally lose the run of myself.

Sunday 4th July EE
This morning breakfast - 42g crunchy bran and 250 ml ss milk (Yes, I know there's not much variety in my breakfasts but I'm away from home and that's all there is here)
Lunch - kidney beans, rice, tinned tomatoes
Tea - kidney beans, tomatoes, onions, rice and 1 beef escalope
Hope to be an angel for a few days now. I even got a gift of a belated birthday cake (mini-size) which I gave to OH...I didn't even taste it!
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Too big to fail
Monday 5th July
Breakfast - 42g Crunchy Bran(HEXB1) and 250ml s/s milk (HEXA1)
Lunch - pasta and pomodoro sauce (in a restaurant - allow maybe 5 syns -this was the healthiest choice) 28g parmesan (HEXA2)
Snack - four strawberries, diet 7up, 2 Alpen Light bars (HEXB2) 1 ferero rocher 3 and a half syns 1 Options drink 2 syns
Tea- SW chips, egg and beans

Total syns = 10.5
Weigh-in tomorrow!
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