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Bikerkitty's diary...

Hi Hun, hope your feeling a bit better this morning and managed to get a good nights sleep after all.
Your boyfriend should love you regardless and maybe some gentle encouragement would of been kinder than what he said - as long as your on the right track for you though thats the main thing.
Oh your wee cats are gorgeous - my daughter (only 23 months) would love a cat, not sure the feeling would be mutual tho!!
Take care hun, Pamela xx
hiya, i didnt get much sleep, i had about 2 hours and i still feel crappy this morning. i agree that my bf should love me no matter what, and usually we argue and the morning after i will call him at work and he is nice to me again, well not today, he was really nasty on the phone and i ended up throwing my phone across the room :S
hi hun, try not to let him get to you,i know its easier said than done! just stick to your diet and stay posative.sending u big huggs xxx


gunna be a fatty for ever
hey hun!

u 2 managed to sort things!

Your bf should not be mean to you at all! He obviously knows u have issues with your weight so i think for him to say cruel things to you is pig ignorant!

You need to do this for your self and no one else! You dont need some one dragging you down when you already at rock bottom!

You can do this hun! Just keep posting, takin ya tabs and counting those grams of fat and you will be fine!!

take care

love katie
today was the official im back on my tablets being a good kitty day and i have been angel cat! :D my mum and 2 ickle neices went to see a film and invited me so i went with them and she decided to go to pizza hut, i was a bit worried, pizza is my favourite but i had a SALAD. UNheard of, me eating a chicken salad in a pizza place lol. If im honest it was not that good, but i was proud of myself.

I got weighed at the doctors yesterday and I didn't even want look at the scales, which were in kg anyway so i didnt have a clue of my weight anyway! but i just didnt feel strong enough to find out, thought i might just cry! So ive just typed into google the weight that was in kg and i now know the start number!!

I went to Tesco and bought 3 chickens for £10, and i went to my mums so she could cut them all up for me into actual meat instead of chickens, i cant do it, lol, it makes me feel sick! so i have 2 chickens worth of meat in the freezer, 1 in the fridge and the bones and bits are becoming soup/stock on my oven as i type this lol.

Im feeling alot more positive now that I was, ugh i just felt terrible yesterday. Cant wait to see a result though!!!
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gunna be a fatty for ever
yeay glad to hear your feelin a little more positive hun!!!

you can do this we r all backing you up!

just had my porridge, the nurse advised it and its only £1.08 for 10 sachet things so its all good, cant really beat cheap and healthy food in 1!! I watched a programme called "who made me fat?" last night and i thought it was gonna be someone blaming everyone else for her being fat, but really it wasnt. it was a bit crap at first but i was shocked by the part about sugar, ive never really noticed how much sugar is in most things. especially in the stuff that looks healthy and has low fat on it, has lots of sugar in it. i meant the porridge i just ate had 9.3g of sugar! its a bit mad really. going to have to look at the stuff i eat now just out of interest really. i suppose there is no sugar in chicken and veg tho is there!! LOL


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Hi kitty,
im so pleased that you are getting on with things now.. and i do hope that you and you bf can make things work (and only if you want to of course).
not sure on the sugar levels in chicken and veg... fruit yes but not sure about the others....
Good LUck and keep posting..!!!
i went out on friday night and stuck to vodka and diet coke and wasnt even tempted by a kebab lol, probably because i was very VERY drunk and I am still hungover and its Sunday night. LOL. I had the best night out i have had in a long time tho.

Ive stuck to this diet for 6 days now, since i started it and i dont even feel like cheating! Im so happy really that Ive got my motivation and Im sticking to it!

I have my first weigh in next week, i am weighed at doctors every 2 weeks. I want to see my progress now tho!!

Still sticking to my chicken and vegetables as well!


mines a skimmed latte
way to go you! i've switched to the voddy and diet coke also - better than lager!! sounds like you have your food sorted chick! i like variety but it can sometimes be my downfall!!! Kes has posted a couple of recipes which are a life saver (i may add some of mine Kes x) as sometimes the old noggin comes up dry!!
Not gonna comment on your relationship with your BF chick - i met my hubby 3 and a half stone ago! It's hard to look in the mirror and not see what you have seen before! Two years ago i lost nearly 4 stone on slimming world and xenical but gained it all back - then i got pregnant and am now trying the same method to lose it plus the extra stone of baby weight! Good luck to you chick - you know where we are x
oooh this is now day 8!!!!!!! And ive not cheated once, not even a bite of naughtiness! LOL Now, now don't take that the wrong way, i know what your minds are like! Sorry, im in a really giddy mood today and im happy for once, wooooooooooooo! I cant wait for my weigh in next tuesday to see how AMAZING i have done, I know it will be good coz ive been Angel Kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whooo!


mines a skimmed latte
well done you! i gained 2 lbs in SW this week but was expecting half a stone to go on!! lets just say i had a REALLY good halloween!!! LOL i've started myself again - kicked myself up the arse if you like!!! i'm sure you've done well - my body is a week behind itself which i now understand as it used to piss me off!! i'll be amazing for a whole and lose 1/'2 a pound but it'll show the next week - random!
i think that happens to all of us at some time, i know i can be good sometimes and put on! if my body even dares to not have lost any weight over this 2 weeks i will cut a limb off!!!!!
oh well it appears my boyfriend was a lying cheating scumbag, hes moved out and im survivng amazingly well to say it only happened last night. i do feel the need to murder him tho lol but im staying away so that i dont lol.

dieting hasnt been a problem as i have no appetite anymore. its amazing what having ur heart broken will do.

good riddence to him!


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oh hun... if you need to talk (although you seem to be coping fine....) im always here...


mines a skimmed latte
ok biker kitty!!! but where you gone!! we need updates on how you're doing??? WITH YOUR DIET??? need any help??
Kitty, I'm concerned too. Please post.

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