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Billiebean's new life

Hello everyone,
I'm Billie and i need to lose weight.

There i've said it.
I started weight watchers in January of 09 and did really well, losing 21lbs. Financial circumstances had me giving up the weekly class but with an attitude that i could do it myself.
Well unfortunately i cant do it myself and have since gained 8 or 9lbs. This has put me back to needing to lose 24lbs to get to goal. :(
I am rejoining ww as soon as possible (if there is a class this week, thats the one i'll go to), but also need extra support.
I've started today with the plan so hopefully i can get a head start ready for Wednesdays weigh in.

I hope to meet lots of people for support and to support others.
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I think i forgot to say my daily points allowance is 20.

Today we had a pre-christmas lunch with my folks. All was going well until my lovely dh brought out a Christmas pud. I gave in and had some. How bad was that on a first day? I know these few days until Wednesday are just damage limitiation but it just didnt happen.

Besides anything, i didnt have proper structured meals.

b- Nutrigrain cereal bar with a cup of coffee
l- Roast beef with 4 small Aunt Bessies roast potatos, 2 mini yorkies, carrot, brocoli, cauli and sprouts with gravy made from beef juices and bisto. Christmas pud with both brandy sauce and double cream.
d- pkt wotsits

Snacks along the way....6 Cadbury roses, 2 massive glasses of Baileys, 2 glasses of wine and cups of tea.

10 mins hard on my x trainer.

*The above is how NOT to follow the ww plan*
Today is a much better day in terms of eating.
I've had a beef bagette for lunch with a couple of samosas for lunch.
Then for dinner, i've had chicken pieces with poatos and veg.

Snacks have been a couple of Cadbury roses (5 in all) and 2 vodkas and diet lemonade.

No exercise as i spent all morning shopping for food.
Hello Billybean.

As you said on my diary thread, we have a similar amount to lose so I wish you all the very best. I have temporarily suspended my diary until I am back at work on 29th December - I keep losing track of what I have eaten when I am out and drinking as well! Hopefully, we will feel more motivate once the Christmas festivities are over!
Good luck and have a very happy Christmas and here's to a happy and lighter 2010! I will drop by and take a look at your posts.

Thank you for popping in to see me Lesley. I hope to chat to you after the 29th. You also have a very merry Christmas and a happy and lighter 2010. We will reach our goal for sure.

I signed up for WW monthly pass tonight. I'm going tomorrow for a pre Christmas weigh in and then i understand they will have a week off over the holiday period. This gives me 2 weeks (give or take) to actually make a dent in the weight measurement.
I'm really excited and really nervous but i have to remember, tomorrow is the start of the rest of my life.

Food today..

B/L- Cheese and pate roll with pkt crisps
D- Sausages with mash, yorkies and cabbage. Mini trifle for desert.

Not much to drink all day if i'm honest after sitting in the hairdressers for 3 hrs.

So i'm going to try to keep to my points as best as possible over the next 5 days and try to track as best i can but from Sunday, I will be getting very anal about everything.
I need to do this. I am so unhappy with myself its time to kick ass! :D
I've only gone and caught flu or something so the gym plans went right out the window.
All is not lost though as i've been pointing my food so hopefully i get a good kick start for tomorrow nights weigh in.
I'm wondering if i should go in as a new member and start again or if i should just take my old card with me. The plan hasnt changed in a few months as far as i can see.
Anyway, todays food looks like this...

B- Nutrigrain and cup of coffee (4pts inc daily milk allowance)
L- Chicken breast, jacket potato, vegetables, tlb spoon of stuffing and gravy (10pts)
D- Chicken pasta, veg (6pts)
Wow, almost a year since i posted last and a gain like i never thought. I've had a funny year really. i started doing really well at WW and lost 2st 1lb by April this year. Then after a few month of medical stuff going on, i just ate at will, gave up WW classes AGAIN and gained 1st 5.5lbs.
I've had a change of plan and joined SW to get the books and plan but haven't been back. In 5 weeks i've lost just under 10lbs and feeling really good about it.
This plan seems more do-able. On WW i was constantly thinking about food, how many points were in something and feeling hungry alot of the time. I find with SW, although i have to plan my meals and make sure i have all the ingredients for sauces, dinners etc...Once thats done at the beginning of the week, i just get on and cook it.
Its also a great plan because its taught me how to cook again. i still tended to rely heavily on ready made and processed foods on WW as long as i knew the points.
Anyway, enough waffle for now. I'm back on it and am hoping for at least another 7lbs before christmas.
Bring it on!!
Dont seem to be losing anything. Ok so i went on hol just for a weekend but i didnt overeat or go too far off plan. Then i had a week back home and got a slight gain. I've had a sneaky weigh and i'm gaining lbs again.
Think i'll try to log all my food and home someone can point me in the right direction.