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Billie's Exante Experience!!!

Well here I am starting Exante on Valentines day. I halved a choc orange bar and had half for brekkie & the other half at lunch time. That's it for now as not wanting the soup or shake as yet. The bar mixed with copious amounts of water has managed to fill me up & make me feel a bit sicky. I keep burping orange peel flavour!!!!

A short intro to myself - Overweight, & mum to a 15yr old girl & 7 year old boy, wife to Army chef, 10 years my junior.

I was on CD about 2 years ago and managed to lose 3 stone while hubbi was away in Afghan, within a month of him coming home I put it all on again.

I have set myself a goal of 3 stone to start with before my holiday in May to Greece. I am leaving the hubbi & kids behind and going with a friend for her sons wedding (cant wait!).

Anyway have worked out, that to reach my first goal, I will need to lose 3 & 1/2 a week... Very do able after reading lot of your posts.

Minimins is a brilliant life line and look forward to sharing my journey with you all. Now off to try to force a soup down!
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Thank you, thought I was not gonna get any replies. Living up to my name (Billie-no-mates) lol xx
Good luck Billie - I'm starting tomorrow so we can keep each other going. Let us know how you get on with the soup - am feeling a bit anxious about trying it! :)
Thank you Shanny..

Scots minx, I have just had the Veg soup & it was lush. I actually loved it which is a surprise as I couldn't stand any of the cambridge ones. I added a little more water than stated and only mixed it with a fork, let it stand for a minute or two then poured it into a bowl and ate it with a spoon, rather than a cuppa soup.

Trouble is I need to have another, either shake or soup but I'm actually dead on my feet & ready for bed. I have read some have the shakes as a hot drink so might go and force myself to have one to take up to bed with me..
Well I did manage to fit my last shake in, just before bed. I had the chocolate hot - Lets just say it went down & stayed down - thank god. No I didnt like it that much. Maybe it was too thick & not sweet enough - but i was'nt exactly in the right frame of mind for it anyway.

I said last night I was dead on my feet - off to bed just after 930 & must of slept the first hour & then awake coughing the rest. The cough is whats left from a month long sinutitis & ear infection. I wish it would go, only happens during the night! So im dead beat again today but happy and raring to complete day 2.

I no I should'nt but did take a sneaky peak on my scales & did pee on a ketostik, happy to report a lose & a trace of ketones.
Great start but dont focus too much on the scales or the ketostix. You will lose the weight if you stick at it.

Hope your cough improves soon. I havent been sleeping too well myself recently and its a total pain.
Day 3

Was 100% yesterday, Chicken thai soup ok, think I made it a bit too watery as it wasnt as creamy as the veg one.

Got a bit of an upset stomach also which I assumed the diet had contributed to, but woke up this morning to find TOTM had reared its ugly head, which is not a nice surprise, especially when its not said hello for over a year now!! (I have the contraceptive Implant). Still I did read that the diet can muck your hormones up a bit.

Anyway, happy to report Im deffo in ketosis & had another loss on the scales. Cant help but to daily weigh (and evening, if im honest!)

Have had half my bar for brekki & also lots of water. I need to have my soup and shake earlier today as Im off to Zumba tonight for the 1st time, I am so looking forward to it. My 15 year old daughter wants to come with me on the condition we go to the later session at 8.15, she says it's less likely that anyone will see her then! Still it's nice for us to be doing things together.
Day 4

Woke up early this morning full of the joys of Spring & raring to stay focused & finish day 4 100% again.

I went to Zumba class last night & as it's the first exercise I have attempted since my baby boy was born (7 Years ago :eek:), I ache all over. I really enjoyed it though & look forward to next weeks class. My parents bought my husband & I a rowing machine for Christmas, so I'm going to attemp 20 mins on it tonight, for the first time. I hope to go on it daily eventually & build up my times etc.

Happy to also report a strong ketosis reading on the wee stick first thing this morning.
Hey Billie,

Sounds like your getting on really well, so goodluck on the journey :D

I want a rowing machine too, that was one thing I always used to really enjoy when I used to be a gym goer :)
I love the rowing machine! I did have one but didn't use it much so it ended up on ebay.

I have the implant also but I am pretty much constantly bleeding - so you've been lucky to have had nothing for a year, hopefully it will go back to normal for you.
Day 5 & Day 6

Havent updated my diary so far as been so busy. Still have this blooming tummy upset & TOTM which is annoying but I take the rough with the smooth & will carry on.

Husband made a comment last night that I should come off it, we were watching Embarressing bodies & a young girl had a wee sample taken at a festival. They tested it and it showed Ketones, so it then went on to say that her body was in starvation mode etc and she should eat some carbs straight away. Well hubbi was not impressed to say the least. I tried to explain it as good as I could.

Anyway this morning he has stated we are having take out for tea - eek, I'm really not going to participate even if it causes a massive argument. Lets see. Does anyone else get this??

Happy still strong ketosis reading this morning & a very good weight loss recording cant wait till Monday when will annouce actual loss - so happy with what it says now and anything else is a bargain. Team 2 here we go!!!!!
I know its hard but you husband is just worried about you.

You can tell your husband that yes starvation mode is bad - but for people of a healthy weight as they don't have much fat to burn (and we all need a certain amount of fat for good health) and so it casuses breakdown of the muscles, BUT in overweight people the fat is used for energy so it only creates minnor problems like headaches and dizzy speels. I have been on the diet and have lost no muscle mass - infact I have gained.

To put it bluntly the mirror risks of starvation mode and much more favourable than the makor risks of heart disease, cancer etc associated with being overweight.

Glad to hear you had a good weight loss - go team 2!
Well it's 21.48 and hubbi has not mentioned the Takeaway as yet so its looking promising that he is not bothering.

Anyway, with all my tummy upset troubles I decided to give the Bars a miss today, just to see if its them. I have not been today but will either go back to the bars tomorrow or monday just to see if its them thats doing it to me. I doubt it but there is no harm in trying!
Hope hubby starts to be more understanding. If he ever does insist on a takeaway though and you feel you have to eat make sure he orders indian and go with chicken tikka or the like. That way you will stay in ketosis and he wont be any the wiser. ;)

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