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Binge Confession


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Hi Everyone

Well I could mope off tonight and not complete my diary for a couple of days but I'm not going to. I'm here to confess for tonights binge, share a few of my thoughts about why it may have happened and hopefully if anyone has any nuggets about the whys and hows etc.

My day went ok, very busy in work and had a few of the hersheys kisses that someone had brought in, I had 7syns worth. This could have been one starting point of the binge. I dont usually eat any of the chocs people bring in as I'd rather not start on them at all.

I had a nice breakfast, yog, honey and walnuts but my lunch wasnt very exciting egg salad, so I guess I wasnt looking forward to - this could be one starting point of the binge.

I had my lunch, apple and banana for a snack and 2 mini baby bel lights, then in the afternoon had a nom yoghurt from vending machine. Usually I dont need/want anything from vending machine.

It all went wrong when I came home from work, I had a tea with a friend and that was all fine but when I came home after that I had 4 bowls of cornflakes..... went to tesco and bought fruit and nut choc ice lolly, 2 tiramisus... had those too.

Other reasons for possible binge:
* tired from yesterday
* still had overeating from yesterday in the back of my mind
* went on the ww website and mentioned how I loved sw and was getting on well
* had a sneaky peak on the scales about 3 days ago and they showed a really good loss of about 4 or 5 lbs
* week before * week
* not sure what else, but really trying to think of everything I can !!

Thanks in advance for any comments or ideas ?
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What an honest thread.....you've come up with some reasons why but most importantly you've come on here so its not going to carry on for the rest of the evening.

Draw that line and start afresh tomorrow, you loss so far this week will see you in good stead for still having a great loss.

Good luck and hug (())
Hey congrats for your weighloss so far :D

Put today behind you, we all have off days.

I'm sat her trying to resist making fairy cakes as I fancy a treat....

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honey, congrats for being so honest- well done for really concidering all aspects of why and how, its so important for healthy change. you have inspired me to do the same, as i would have continue bingeing till weigh in with a defeatist attitude and given no thought to why or how!

i think your damage is repairable- get back on it and stay positive for weigh in, you can do it!

proud of you!


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S: 12st8lb C: 11st12lb G: 11st4lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 0st10lb(5.68%)
Thanks all, I will be drawing the line (this is another thing I struggle with at the moment, so the practice will do me good)..... its funny writing it all down. On one hand it helps and on the other hand it just looks like a string of excuses :( Will take tomorrows wi on the chin and look to the following week !

(other possible binge reason= wi tomorrow)


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im not the only one who has syned today then, i had an awful time when i got home 2


Wishing and hoping!
good on you for being honest. I think it is good thing to be able to anaylsis after binges happen. As if you are aware of what might be the possiable triggers of an attack then you could put in potential strageries that may help you feel more in control and be stronger. It takes time though, I am regular binger but I have improved overtime with SW. Once upon a time I would have binges everyday and now it's more fornightly :). I am also learning the art of challenging my thoughts which is a hit and miss but hold on to the faith and you can work thorugh these challengues. SW is a journey, you learn a hell a lot about yourself!
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This is my problem,i overeat and feel so incredibly bad over it.But we have to draw a line under today,call it a flexi day and carry on tomorrow.


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I'm going to take it on the chin with WI :) I will try to challenge my thoughts in future too. Thanks again everyone for your ideas. To be totally honest I think if I hadnt had the cornflakes the rest of the evening wouldnt have gone badly wrong. I think this is the biggest binge factor!
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Big big hugs first of all. I know quite a few people who get panicky the day before wi and binge.

Could you banish all cereal from your house for a month or do others eat it?

I am like that with peanut butter i think i will syn 1 spoonful and then just go in to a horrific spiral. Can also be like it wih cereal or bread and butter.

STOP the binge now and have a hot on plan drink.

Good luck for wi
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I was gonna say the same as the others, draw a line and start a-fresh tomorrow. I had a so-so week, two takeaways where I totally binged and not only ate mine, but my two sons and hubbys leftovers! I was pretty much bang on the rest of the week and I've just been to class and thankfully stayed the same! So draw that big fat line, get back with eating all the free and superfree foods, 5 - 15 syns and you never know, you may do enough to be okay. If it is a gain, at least it will be a much smaller gain than it could've been!


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S: 12st8lb C: 11st12lb G: 11st4lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 0st10lb(5.68%)
Thanks for the hugs! I've stopped, I've stopped. You know what I could get rid of the cereal full stop (hubby isnt a big fan of cereal or breakfast at all for that matter!). I think that would help. I like the idea of a hot drink, takes a while to drink while the feelings could pass.

Funny enough I thought about peanut butter while in the supermarket but I didnt get any, which was a good job.

Heres to tomorrow !


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S: 12st8lb C: 11st12lb G: 11st4lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 0st10lb(5.68%)
Claire - well done on your sts! I think one lesson I've learnt is no sneaky peaks, just let the scales decide on the WI day only!


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Mate- I just wanted to add to all the tremendous support- WELL DONE on coming here and fessing up.

I would love to know the 'answer' to binges, but I have had them when sad, happy, excited, bored, tired, angry, full and hungry- I have given up in trying to rationalise them but always always always try and be honest about them. Do you find yourself getting all secrective and excited and feeling naughty? It is so easy at that point to eat and think 'no-one has to know'. You have achieved something tremendous by coming out on here and sharing with us.

The key thing now is how you deal with it. Move on- don't try and make up for it or starve yourself or go over it- just move on. And as a wise owl on here once said "you wouldn't throw out a bunch of flowers if just one died, so don't let one off day ruin a whole week"

Good luck and HUGE hugs



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No help or advice. Just wanted to give you a hug.

I'm a binger too, I do fine for a week then go mad for a couple of days.


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