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Bingo Wings ... Advice please??


Serial Dieter!
Where are you on your weight loss journey hun?

How much weight have you lost? How much do you want to lose?

It's hard to give an opinion/advice without knowing!

Ali xx
This is my second week i've lost 8lbs so far and inches off everywhere - I dont really know how much I want to loose probably 4 stone (i have really discussed this with my CD consultant) but after reading all those post im worrying now!!


Serial Dieter!
If you had 10 stone to lose then you would have cause to start a fund for the possible corrective surgery... but tbh.... 4 stone is very little and I'm pretty sure you will find that your arms will be 'normal' at the end of your journey!
However, I do recommend that you do some toning exercises... there are loads of DVD's etc that will help tighten everything as you lose weight.
If you have a look at the off topic forum in this section... lots of people are doing the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred!
depends on how overweight you are/were and for how long. i have dreadful bingo wings :( nothing will fix this, apart from surgery, as the skin has stretched.
it really depends how you lose the weight, and how old you are, Im 35, i have lost in total over 7stones from my biggest weight, and my arms look good, i have been intensively training at the gym and doing weights, so it is possible to tone arms, but you have to put the work in. I did SS for three months and lost two stone, down to 17stone4, i have been on 1500 since end of january, and have worked out solidly since then, i am 13stone9lbs now and have little flabby skin
Hi I've been doing exercise where you put your hands on the edge of the seat of a chair behind your back and lower yourself down to the ground and back up. My cwc gave my the tip and it's great it's really working good luck :)
Weights have a look at the shaker weights I'm going to get it at the weekend you can see it on you tube or shaker weight site argos , amazon sell it looks good to me the battle of the bingo wings starts for me good luck :0)
I got one of those shaker weights and didn't think much of it! :( I'ts so light and I didn't really feel it doing anything? except for making me look like a fool lol. I just prefer my normal weights and do stretches with them :) just thought id let u know x

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