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Birthday cake!!!


This is for life
And were they good enough to finish it for you? :)


This is for life
My WI tomorrow too! And I have still to get through an evening out....
May the fairy visit us both :D


Never give up
I ended up cutting several slices at a time and sending it in their lunch boxes to school to give to friends, just to get it out of the house Delly!

Good luck for your WI tomorrow. :)
dizzydelly said:
My baby boys 13th birthday! (omg its finally here the dreaded teen years :()
The cake is haunting me, iv already let him and his sis eat half to get rid but its still there, looking at me everytime I go in the kitchen! Going to bed to get out off the way cos I know it will be gone i the morning. :479:
I am going to have the same problem next week as my daughter will be 16 and we are all going out and my friend is making her a large cupcake cake with small ones for people to take away, oh i know i will want to try it. Watch this space.
dizzydelly said:
Good luck for tom, that cake sounds lovely!!!
happy birthday to your daughter, does it get easier?! :(
You know I really dont think so. My daughter has never been trouble, but the moods have continued from 12 and still going strong, very much a kevin and perry. Lol


This is for life
DD is moody at 6.5 - usually sweetness & light but stubborn streak a mile wide - dont where she gets that from :D

I dread the teenage years..........
Lol, I do think they start earlier than teenage. My daughter who's 10 is stubborn and so slow at doing stuff, she has to get up earlier than needs too because she is soooo slow! Drives me mad!! :argh:
Funny my daughter has always been like that.I can be sitting in the car waiting to go and she saunters along as if I have all day to wait,drives me nutts.She a good kid really though. About to start her prelims and another year and she will be nearly finished school altogether, now thats scary.

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