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Bit Disappointed

Hi, I wonder if someone knows where I might be going wrong - I have lost 2 stone quite easily with RC and have another 2 stone to go, but I have stayed the same weight for the last 4 weeks :sigh: I'm not doing anything different, I am keeping a diary for my RC consultant and she is going to have a look, but what have others done? On the whole I am quite good at following the plan - should I up my exercise? (BIG :sigh:)
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Well this does happen to most slimmers. Every now and then I go through a few weeks where nothing seems to happen, then it just restarts without me changing anything. Goodness knows what goes on in our bodies...

You could just reassess the calories and double check they are the right level below your daily expenditure.
or changing what you normally eat, we do tend to be creatures of habit!
Are you weighing ALL of your food? counting ALL of your calories? even in drinks? not popping the odd bit of grated cheese in your mouth as your making sandwiches? following the 5% fat rule and only having 100 cals of high fat treat or alcoholic?

Its so easy to think we are sticking to the diet when actually we are not. We think we know what a bowl of special K looks like now, afterall we've been measuring it out for months, so we don't use our portion pots anymore or measure out our 3/4 pt of milk a day.

I know this message may seem a little to the point, but its aimed to make you think.

Try sticking to a food diary, writing it as you go along throughout the day, weighing and measuring your food, try to eat plenty of veg and make sure you read your nutrional labels on packets to ensure you're sticking to the 5% fat rule


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