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bit of advice please


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Morning all,
Have been off tfr for last couple of mths and off maintenance the last 3 wks but really want to go back on tfr soon to lose some more, but have so much on socially that I dont have a block of wks together where I could get stuck into tfr and loose the rest of the weight (would like to lose 1.5-2st). I did lose another bit of weight post tfr through maintenance but found it all very slow.
Social calender is busy the next few wks, I can do tfr for 3 wks in Aug then do a refeed wk before I have a wedding where I would like to eat and drink (I know food and drink isnt the bee all and end but I would prefer if I did). I would really like to lose at least another stone before the wedding. I can go back on tfr again should I need to to lose the last of it.
What do you all think? Is it worth my while going on it for the 4 wks (3 tfr + 1 refeed), will my chemist let me? and will they let me break it for the wedding and go back on it should I need to (will be 3 times on tfr within 6mth period)
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not sure but it is always worth asking, they may be very sympathetic to your needs.


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My chemist wouldn't let me! you have to do a minimum of 4 solid weeks ... plus.. it can;t be good for your body!
I suppose it depends on how much you really wnat to lose the weight... enough to abstain for the wedding or not!
I would say on TFR you have to, either stay strong at social events or pass on them.. i have had a few things i passed on, simply because i believe getting slim and healthy is more important than food and drink!
If you want to eat at the wedding you are best using maintainence...


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Sorry to be harsh but with this diet you either do it all in or you dont do it.

You need to reassess whats more important, your social life or your weight and choose your plan accordingly x


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i agree, coming on and off this plan is so tough on your body, i think its an all or nothing.

a friend of mine, who intorduced me to this, does it for 2-3 weeks at a time, and without fail, she ALWAYS gains the weight back again after. i think by doing it for longer, you are teaching yourself better on how to manage food addictions and cravings. stopping and starting is sending the wrong message to your subconcious. you are reinforcing to yourself that its ok to start and stop a diet, when really, it should be a one hit thing and change your lifestyle accordingly to maintain.

afterall, there are plently of people who manage to maintain and enjoy social lifes too. its finding that balance.

the only other suggestion i have is maybe look at CD where you can have one meal a day, and have that meal at the social events. then all you have to do is avoid alcohol.

good luck
Im affraid im with some of the others, either do it or dont. We can go on forever working around our social calanders, as basically you are saying food is running your life for you.
God forbid but lets face it funerals can come up at any time, then what do you do just keep slipping in and out of TFR, refeed, etc.
As Nike say, "just do it"!


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spooky after reading this thread my mate emailed me back off holiday, saying she needs to get back in the right frame of mind for tfr again, and said she just wishes it was weight loss for life...

i was quite specific in my mail back, and basically tried to give her a gentle ass booting. also made it clear, i NEVER want to go through week one again. certainly not for the sake of overindulging at social events (not saying you do love, but just making a general point).

this has to be a life long change for you, set your goal, lose your weight, refeed, maintain, and maintain, and maintain....

i know its tough for those of us sensitive to carbs or weight gain, but this is your only ticket, your only life, and messing up your system for a voluvont, a 4 hr old sarnie and a glass of bubbly just aint worth it.


bet you are wishing you never asked now! ;)

sending hugs and motivation


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Lol, had a feeling I would get these replies and you are of course right in your opinions, deep down they are my opinions too. I do want to go back on tfr and stay at it til Im at goal but will wait til I can fully commit my time to it. Thanks for all the replies.


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Yup sorry I asked now.....*cringes in corner*


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:girlpower:when you are ready, you will do it :)

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