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Bit stressed....


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I know I shouldnt but i've been weighing myself this morning and I dont think i've lost anything. I get weighed on Monday and it looks like i've not lost anything extra. I seriously havent had anything i shouldnt have had, not even a tiny pick or anything. I've drunk at least 3 ltrs of water a day and have even tried to do some exercise (jumping up and down on my trampoline to music!!lol) but it looks like nothing has come off....

Is this normal after such a big first week?

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Hey Livvy

It's often not a good idea to weigh yourself during the week in case you get disheartened. Your weight depends on time of day, whose scales you're on, what you're wearing, how much water you've drunk - the list goes on and on. Stick with it, and you'll have a nice loss at your official weigh in ;)


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Hey Livvy, this time last week i was stressing over exact same thing then overnight dropped a couple of lbs and by Monday was 4 lbs down. Itll come off when its ready, sometimes the body needs a few days to catch up with itself.


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Hi Livvy, hun pls dont get obsessed with the scales and weighing yourself other than at your where you originally got weighed at the start.
As you say you have been sticking to the plan all week so pls dont worry.
Well done for losing 10lbs in your first weeks thats an amazing weight loss.

As Dq said there are many reasons why you should not weigh yourself mid week.
If when you get weighed on Monday and you have stayed the same dont get disheartened it could be for many reasons, here are a few of them.

1) Sometimes when you have a really good weight loss in your first week your body needs time to re ajust.
2) Is there any chance you could be slightly constipated if so there are a few products you can take which wont kick u out of ketosis.
3) Could you be due Totm and retaining water !!

Hun no matter what your weight loss is this week just pls keep in mind that you are doing so well and have been Ssing for 2 weeks and no matter what the scales say you are burning fat constantly whilst Ssing.

Take care and remember we r hear for you xxx


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I hope you guys are right. I mean, i have never been this focussed on a diet before, I seriously havent had ANYTHING extra! I'll be gutted if i havent lost anything. I feel thinner and my boyfriend was whinging this morning becasue he can feel my ribs! lol lol lol

He's off to watch Man U this afternoon so i'm gonna put My Chem on the stereo and jump up and down on the trampoline like a loon for a few hours...that should help!!



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I suggest you put your scales away, it is not a good thing to keep hopping on and off, getting disheartened.
You will see how well you have done at your official weigh-in.


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Yes Sir, message received Sir!! lol

I will resist the temptation, hey is I can resist eating i can manage not to get on some scales!lol

Cheers Son, we'll see how i get on on Monday! :)

Love ya's all

Hi Livvy
Scales are the devils work !!!!!
But we all do it LOL
You will be fine and the loss on Monday will prove that !!!

Hope you have a good day hun xxx

Kepp jumping to MCR too hun ....good choice !!!!


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Oh my life, you wont beleive what happened to me yesterday.

There i was in my front room jumping up and down on my trampoline like a loon to MCR, i mean seriously going mental, singing, dancing etc and Martin (blokie) came home. Nothing too bad there, he knows i'm a nutter, but what he failed to tell me that he was bringing his mate home with him from the football. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

I felt like a right gibbon! What could i do eh? I made some excuse about trying to exercise b ut the look of abject horror on his face will stay with me for ever! roflmao!:D

Still, if it shifts a few pounds the embarrassment will be worth it! lol

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lol. you silly whippet! nevermind, things like dancing like a madman in your own living room should not in theory be seen by other people but oh well- it could have been worse you could have been naked...! :p

well done on your weight loss by the way it doesnt help some people hopping on an off the scales but at the moment I weight myself everyday as it helps me keep a track on how I am doing and helps keep me focussed as I can usually attribute any loss/gain to my behaviour the day before but I follow some golden rules as otherwise there is no point:

I always weigh first thing in the morning after having had a wee, if I have drunken anything without thinking before I've hopped on I dont bother weighing myself that day as I know it will not be accurate. your weight can fluctuate daily depending on what and how much you eat and drink so you should always weigh yourself at the same time of day if you are going to monitor yourself. I know alot people think it is bad but for me I need it to keep me on the staright and narrow as I still have 3 stone to get to my goal and I need all the help I can get! xxxx

Hope you're pleased with your weight loss so far you've done really well! xxx

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