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Blimey, who would have thought it!

Well, after working very hard at coming up with loads of excuses not to stick to my cal counting, at last I have got my backside in gear and started actually following it rather than just thinking about it.

Strangely, when you just THINK about dieting, the weight doesn't come off!
Anyway only on day 4 but wow, I feel great already! So much energy and mentally so well and clear headed.

Day 2 and 3 were hell. I was either asleep or verbally bashing my poor husband. What a cow I am. So I guess that was my poor binged up body ditching the toxins I had been cramming into it.

I think I had felt rubbish with all my overeating for so long, I had forgotton what it feels like to be well.

Have a great dieting day everyone.

Sally x
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Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Strangely, when you just THINK about dieting, the weight doesn't come off!
Heh! So true...

I'm right there with you, Sally. It's day 4 and I'm full of energy and feeling really clear-headed and healthy. I think it helps that coming off Atkins has helped to "get things moving" if you know what I mean. Nothing puts a spring in your step more than a regular morning clear-out. :D

(sorry for tmi!)


Mad As A Hatter
haha day 2 - 4 on reductil my poor OH vanished from the house because i was swearing at him so much he was miserable Im much happier now..
Haha, I love a bit of TMI! I agree, the first week was when I felt the worst, once I'd got used to eating good foods I felt amazing! So much more energy and I feel great inside.
Thanks for all your responses.

At the risk of TMI again, in my first few days of cal counting, inbetween sleeping and abusing my husband, I did spend ages in the loo! Lost gallons of water! Poor bog nearly overheated with all the flushing!

Feeling even better today as the day went on. Enjoyed a long walk which would have killed me a few days ago!

Sally x


Full Member
How is it going now lemon fizz? I agree with everyone, the first week is the hardest. Something else I noticed was that, since calorie counting I appreciate my food more. Whereas before I was just mindlessly eating in a sense I guess.
Hi sa89

Thanks for asking. Is going well thanks, apart from a close encounter with rather a lot of beer! The one little bottle I promised myself yesterday lunchtime turned into a bucketful!

Weighed myself this morning though and luckily no damage done!

I know what you mean about cal counting making you more aware of what you eat. I tend to eat in a bit of a coma when not c.c'ing.

Have a great dieting day.
Sally x


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i know what you mean about felling crap the first week, i started last friday so am still in my first week and the first 2-3 days i felt awful really grumpy, i am starting to feel better now but i am getting a lot of headaches, i am guessing its withdrawal from bad foods like chocolate and so on.

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