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Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
RIGHT. No more wishy-washy, carb-creep-y, ooh-just-a-pound-a-week-would-be-nice-y feet dragging. I am setting the bar high and I am going to CLEAR IT.

Setting my goal date so far off has just given me an excuse to take my foot off the gas and coast. And it's not working for me - the goal keeps moving further away with each week that I let go by without giving it all I've got. I really don’t want to drift through another 6 months or a year without getting there.

I want to get back that determination and focus I had when I first started this way back in February.

My goal date is now 4th December. That's a fairly realistic 2lbs a week with a couple of weeks in hand for life's little ups and downs (mainly downs).

Because that's still a fair way off I've set another little interim goal, to really sharpen my focus for now. I've booked a weekend away for 25th September. I would like to have dropped 6lbs by then.

My three main strategies are 1) NO BOOZE, 2) Watch the carb creep (esp cheese & bars), and 3) really PUSH the exercise. And 4) NO BOOZE - it bears repeating. :)

Having a diary thread seems to help other people, and I guess putting all my progress (or lack of) into one thread rather than spreading it across the forum will help me focus, and reading back through it might give me the kick up the R's I'm bound to need from time to time.

BRING IT ON. :eek:
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Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
LOL well I might live to regret this, and I know it seems like I make a big 'new resolution' announcement approximately every three weeks :rolleyes:

I just suddenly felt like I *AM* in a hurry to lose the last 20lbs. I wanna go at it hell for leather and see just how quickly I can lose it. I got my first "have you lost weight?" comment the other day and I want more of them! :D

1st day down, 90 to go. Waiting for the grocery delivery and then will get out on my bike later once this drizzle clears...

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Thanks Hooya! I have to admit, I'm taking some inspiration from your own determined efforts. If ever I feel like sacking off the exercise I will think to myself "What Would Hooya Do?". I may even get a WWHD wristband. ;)

A quick catch-up on my first weekend of Blitzkrieg:

Saturday was a slow-ish start, I only cycled about 5 miles to the shops and back.
b - 2 egg omelette with ham & sprinkling of cheese
l - tandoori chicken with mayo and small salad
d - my own versh of IPD cottage pie - this is my new obsession. Made with 800g beef mince, 1 med onion, about 100g chopped mushrooms and for the topping the best part of a head of cauliflower steamed then blended with sour cream, butter and an egg, then topped with plenty of grated mature cheddar. Burnt the roof of my mouth. Worth it.
sn - pepparami

Sunday more successful exercise wise, if more depressing. Cycled to my parents house and back - about 12 miles there & 15 back (got the train part of the way across). Mum insisted on doing me scrambled egg on toast, I asked for it without the toast but no dice.
b - 2 d&a sossies, 2 fried mushrooms, 2 poached eggs
l - scrambled egg (left the toast through superhuman effort. Really think if she'd buttered it I would've scarfed it)
d - leftover cottage pie (burnt roof of mouth again, still worth it).
sn - pepparami

Did a quick 10 mins stomach crunches in the evening to ease myself back into such things.

Hooray for the mild weather this week - will give me a chance to get more walking and cycling in.


Recovering chocoholic.
Wow! You don't do things by halves do you?! That Cottage pie sounds scrumptious, must try it. Good on you girl!
Hey LM, sounds like a pretty successful weekend then! Well done on resisting the toast! Think of Wrinkly eyeing up that girls bum in MnS, that's what i'm going to do from now on! LOL. Know what you mean with the burnt mouth thing too - owchy! Onwards n downwards gal, keep at it :D

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Phew, 50 min brisk walk in the lovely autumnal sunshine at lunchtime. Quite hot & sweaty now, I am dreading them putting on the office central heating for the winter. There are people here sitting around in t-shirts complaining about being cold...

A fourth line of attack I forgot to mention is making sure I drink enough water, especially at weekends when I struggle to remember to drink enough. Think I did okay this weekend, got at least 2 litres in each day plus some tea and decaf coffees. Currently on today's 50cl bottle no. 5...

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
I think this is more a change in attitude than a massive change in what I was doing. I went into this back in Feb thinking it would be nice to lose *some* weight, not too bothered about how much, just getting to a size 14 would be nice but no rush. I didn't have a goal date, made up a goal weight based on how much I guessed I used to weigh.

I think hanging around this place and reading about other people's goals and their acheivements has slowly made me realise I could do the same.

Finally I think I'm able to VISUALISE myself as a nice, normal size 12, and fitting back into That Dress. I can even picture myself getting on the scales each Friday, looking down and feeling really happy. I actually feel like I've got something solid to work towards, and that if I give it 100% every week then I WILL get there - soon!

Visualising it suddenly made me very impatient for it to happen.

Weird for me to feel so optimistic, it's not in my nature! I'm also a bit scared - what if I give it all I've got but the scales still don't budge? Will I be completely disillusioned and go on a big old self-pitying binge? Must banish such negative thoughts... It is a bit scary though...

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...

b - 2 l/c sossies & 3 scrambled eggs
l - chicken mayo & salad
d - 2 pork loin steaks with broccoli, cauliflower & cabbage
sn - pepperami, bit of cheese
3 litres water, 1 large tea with ff milk & 2 decaf coffees with cream

Moving about:
1 x 25 mins cycle to work
50 min brisk walk at lunchtime
55 min cycle home
45 mins ironing (YES IT COUNTS)
20 mins weights & stomach crunches (half-a*sed, as sore from first lot yesterday)

4 days down, 87 to go.

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...

b - 2 l/c sossies & 3 scrambled eggs
l - tandoori chicken, mayo & salad
d - grilled smoked mackerel, broc, cauli & cabbage
sn - cheese & ham oopsie, pepperami, 2 low carb sweeties (SNACK CREEP! Must keep an eye on that...)

25 min cycle to work
25 min cycle home
40 min aerobic work out

Rain Stopped Play a bit yesterday, no lunchtime walk or extra cycling. Cycled home and found myself stuck in the house with a broken cross trainer and a need to keep my heart rate up for at least 20 mins. But I was alone, so there was no other option but to dig out the dreaded Shape Challenge video...

Wasn't too bad, managed to keep the sound right down to the bare minimum so I didn't have to hear her grating voice. Depressingly, though, I could remember almost every word by heart and my brain helpfully played it all back for me so I didn't miss a word. I think my favourite bit is "Keep your head in line with your back!" - anyone physically capable of NOT doing this, a lucrative circus career awaits.

I thought I'd only manage half of it but ended up doing the full 40 mins and felt really good afterwards. A few achey parts this morning, so it must've worked out some muscles that don't usually get bothered.
Disaster! I have tonsilitis or some kind of cold. Hard to tell whether the aches are from the exercise or the illness! But I might have to cut right back on the exercise until I feel well enough again.

I have some strawberry sugar-free Strepsils, but I'm not sure of the carb count. If it gets too bad I might pop one later. I might struggle to drink enough water as well.

BAH, I had a feeling something like this would happen and knock the wind out of my sails. You know how you start to think about getting a cold about 24-48hrs before the first symptoms show up? Weird, isn't it?

b - bacon & eggs
l - tuna salad
d - smoked mackerel, cauli, broc & cabbage
sn - cheese & ham oopsie, pepperami. Sugar free sweetie for my throat
3.5litres water, 1 large tea with ff milk, 3 decaf coffees with cream.

25 min cycle to work
50 min brisk walk at lunchtime
55 min cycle home
No weights/abs as too tired & achey...
Thanks Laura.

I am kind of torn between taking it easy, or just ignoring the blummin thing whatever it is and still really going for it on the exercise front. I wonder if getting out & active in the sunshine might chase it away quicker than staying in and feeling sorry for myself.

I wish I could have my fave comfort foods - Heinz tomato soup, or a bowl of instant noodles. Soooothing.
LOL @ Jim.

Chicken soup sounds lovely Laura - if only I had the time! I've been thinking about trying the IPD mushroom soup recipe (in the recipies thread, around pg 8 I think) as that only seems to take about half an hour, I just need to get the ingredients...
I like mushroom soup but I've never managed a home made one, they don't taste right LM.