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bloated stomach

I am still losing weight gradually but today for some reason my stomach is really bloated and I look pregnant! Not what you want to see when you are losing weight LOL. I don't suffer with TOTM any more and I am not having 'transit' problems, has anyone any idea what this might be? I have to admit, the last couple of days I haven't drunk as much water as I should but I can't see that it would be that
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what veg have you eaten over the last couple of pvs .
I would also get some water down to see if it flushes you out ...i find the slightest naughty carb makes me bloat now days
mmm prehaps you just got trapped wind!!!!
id give it a few days drink some water then see how it is
ah prehaps you just filled with extra wind that can happen with protien it will clear
great thanks hun, I'm not worried about it just pee'd off cos my belly went right down and I felt really good about myself but looking in the mirror today I looked bloody preggers lol, it came from right up high just under my boobs I look like a little buddah LOL
could be water retention caused by hormones (even if totm isn't the issue)

water retention caused by salt (i saw you mentioned oxo in another post?)...

water retention caused by a dehydration...

or perhaps IBS....

again as scrumper said it could be trapped wind or even transit issues - if you're not regular....transit issues don't have to cause discomfort at least not in the first instance....

try some peppermint tea x


** Chief WITCH **
good thoughts above...

When do you eat your oatbran, out of curiosity? If evenings, move it earlier perhaps... (on the rare occasion I eat mine in the evening, I feel bloated...).

(Onion + tomato are veg, I s'pose, but get you some greens in girl! good for you!!)
Unfortunately Jo I don't eat much veg at all, I don't like any green veg at all, I will eat a bit of white cabbage very undercooked and some mashed swede and carrot on a sunday but thats about it, otherwise its onions, mushrooms and tomatoes. I sometimes have my bran in the mornings if I have it as porridge, otherwise I make muffins and have them as a snack during the day. To be honest I know for a fact that the last few days I haven't drank nearly as much water as I should so am wondering if it is water retention (does that make sense)?

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