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Bloating question

Hi all

Just a quick question - when you're bloated, is it just extra air or does it make you retain water and put on weight too? (not talking * week bloat here, just general bloatiness).

See its weigh in day for me today (1st one) and I'd like to have a mug shot for lunch but they really bloat me up, now if its just 'trapped wind' type bloat then surely it shouldn't make a difference on the scales because its just air!?!

Any ideas?

Cheers, J x
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I think there's different types of bloating - air and water!

I dunno though as luckily I don't suffer too badly from either. Well, I say that, some things do give me quite bad wind, which gets all stuck round my innards and feels uncomfortable. And then sometimes if I'm hot and dehydrated my fingers and feet will go puffy and swollen, which is water. But neither that often.

Dunno - I've not answered your question at all really have I?!

I think if it gives you wind, then it probably won't make you weigh more, but it might make you feel uncomfortable and bigger...why take the risk of feeling like that. Have something that doesn't make you bloat?!
I can tell in my skin which is tight every when its water bloating - which makes me heavier and then tight only on my tum when I eat certain foods. But I wouldn't eat the mug shot today if it bloats you eat something nice and light - if you didn't have a good loss you would blame the mug shot when it might not be it - if that makes sense?
Thanks ladies, I've stepped away from the mugshot and had some Batchelors savoury rice instead.

I absolutely adore pasta but its always the same ... I bloat up and I actually feel like all my insides are sore! Wish it was tripe or something else I don't like that would do that instead of something I love!! Typical.

J x
Have you ever been tested for a wheat intolerance? Just a thought. If pasta always does that to you, could be a reason why.
Yeah I had a gluten test last year but it came back as normal - although the GP said that it doesn't mean I don't have a 'sensitivity' to it ..... I'm ok with other things with wheat in but apparently they use one with a stronger gluten content in pasta .... so maybe I'm just sensitive to the higher gluten content.

Its a pain in the behind tho as I could live off pasta!

J x
At least you know!

It's always the things that we love the most. I could live off chocolate brownies and they make me blow up like an elephant! ;) lol!


Slow but sure....
I had some Butter beans the other day and they made me very bloated and uncomfortable, I don't think I shall be having those again.

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