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Bloody fantastic!

Yup I do Kat, glad you do too hunny x


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Yup, me too - just been clothes shopping for a weekend away in August, and everything in a size 14 fitted - and some were TOO BIG!!! :eek: :eek: Absolutely amazing feeling - I haven't been this size for about 20 years! :D


Enjoying life!
Wonderful Lucy! I am looking forward to a size 14 - I have never been there!

Kat xx


Enjoying life!
It is so exciting, it makes me want to jump up and down and scream and shout! lol

I was also a 20-22 :)

Kat xx
Im loving being in a 16 now, I was a 20-22 too xxx

Jo B

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another 16 here from a 20-22! Have you found though how much sizes differ? I can comfortably wear a 16 in Debenhams, a slightly snugger 16 in DP and in M&S I couldn't get them over my bum!

LL Gal

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Hiya Kat ... loved putting on the top I wore to my first LL meeting today ... it used to be fitted, now significantly loose, especially the bust area *yay*


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Well I have a fair few bits that are a size 18 some are fitting great, some a lil too tight and some bits a tad loose now so I am pleased with that!

It's all coming off woo hoo!

Kat xx


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Feeling fanbloodytastic too!!! Nothing fits anymore, so I am left with one pair of size 14 trousers!!! woohoo, still don't want to buy too much because they are going to be too big shortly too!! Went out looking at clothes today, so excited about the things I will wear in the futures. Well done everyone on such fantastic losses, life is really starting for us now!


sukie sue

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feeling blooming AMAZING !!!!
starting to be able to fit into my size 10 bits i have woo hoo and bought some stunning caprice undies :eek:) dont look awefull !!!!


Enjoying life!
Woo hoo Sue you sexy thang you! lol
I am only week 3 but you guys are really inspiring me to keep at it!! Your weight losses are amazing in such a short space of time! Well done :D


Enjoying life!
You are doing amazingly Jennifer! Keep it up! :) xx


is loving CWP xx
Hi guys. I am the same. I started AT A 22/24 and am now 14-16. 14 top and 16 bottom. Looking forward to them size 12's!!!!

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
woo hoo go guys go !!!! lol feeling waaaaayyyy to exitable !!!!!

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