Bloody Mother!!!!!!


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Hi Ladies,

I'm almost at the end of week 3 on LL and have decided NEVER to go shopping with my mother again!!!!:mad:

On a weekend we usually go somewhere me been a sad singleton and mum doesn't drive, she knows all about LL as I haven't kept this secret from my family yet today I could have cheerfully throttled her!!!:)

We went for a mooch around an outlet park near where I live and there was a farmers market on today so lots of nice food on stalls - this wasn't too bad and I wasn't even bothered that she wanted to buy some stuff after all she ain't doing this diet - it was the fact that she made me hold the stuff at the stall while she decided what she wanted!!!!

Now maybe I'm been oversensitive and I know I can't hide from food but I just think that she could have held the bloody quiches and cakes herself!!!!!!!

Hi Susie,

I am sure she forgot or else she just did not realize what she was doing (I Hope!).

Tell your mum that she may not of known this but you found what she did very difficult and that for now until your stronger you will have to avoid shopping with her unless she can be a bit more sensitive to your needs and support you on your weight loss journey.

It does take others awhile to cop on around us about how this kind of diet works and once they understand I find most people are very considerate on the whole.

Knowing me I probably would have had the cake eaten by the time we got back as far as the car...:( I find it very hard to resist home made.

You did great to stay strong and keep your cool:cool:

Love Mini xxx
Or there would have been part of it missing by the time i got back. I just think she didn't think.
You did very well in that situation. Pat on the back to you
Irene xx
But the other way of looking at it is that you held a load of lovely food in your hands and you showed self-control and positive thoughts not to touch it or have it.

Therefore today was a good day and your a few ounces lighter than you were before going to the market.

Well done!
Thanks Mike,

I think I need to take the view that she was testing me and I passed!!!!! Even just typing that has made me feel better about it instead of miserable and thinking of food I can't have.

I can't avoid food forever and I suppose I'm lucky as other people on vlcd's will still be buying and cooking for families but I live on my own and there ain't a scrap of food in my house! (actually that's a small lie - there's some frozen brussel sprouts lurking in the bottom drawer of the freezer!)
But who want's those!!! Can you imagine the binge I could have - good job I live on my own!!!!
LOL at the brussell sprout binge!!! :D

You did vey well not to have a sneaky taste. :) On a positive note though - it's good she's just being normal. My family all keep apologising when they eat - it's makes me feel dead awkward!!!