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Bloody rude stand in SW LEADER

This week i had a cow of a stand in SW rep.!!!!! i lost 1lb and said out loud after looking at my book from of stickers ,,"Oh what you been up to this week eh" ,,, not so good ! never mind!!!!

Bloody cheeky cow!!!!...........

I didn't stay after ... I was fuming .. I was that pissed off I even phone our reg leader up , she was oh holiday in wales to tell her how bad she was.....
I have always stayed ... Arggggggggggggggggg

I even went hoe and ate four mullers and two of week were 2 syns each.


Phil x
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How ruddy rude!!!

What's wrong with a pound? I thought SW always said it was "the perfect pound".

Flippin heck Phil, no wonder you were cross.

What did your normal SW consultant say then?
she said that she was aware that she could be a bit funny !!! and that she couldn't get anyone else.... she was actually really sorry. I told he that it wasn't her fault.
I felt that she was being very sarcastic in her tone !!! i have managed nearly 4 stone since March and I have worked so hard to achieve it . i don't need that from a SW staff member. I actually paid for that as well.
If she turns up again I will be walking out without WI.

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your annoyance is perfectly justified. rude person, that's hardly how you motivate someone. what's wrong with a lb anyway??!

sounds like she need an attitude adjustment!
You are an inspiration to me,that i know another male who is doing sw,
How have you found it,i have been doing it for 7 weeks and lost 1.5 stone,i stuck to red days for 6 weeks and have gone on to green now as its cheaper,

Sorry for the off subject on your thread

Hi Phil

Thanks for your kind words, I have found the plan very good indeed. You will find that guys tend to lose quicker then the ladies. But there will come a time where the muscle thing starts to get in the way. To say as you do more excercise you will put on muscle. Youe shape will change but your weight lose might stop or even go up. I would suggest that measure all your areas and keep a record. You have done well in 7 weeksfor your lose to date. As for green days I tend only to have a couple /one a week.

How have you found it, I have read some of your past threads and I am glad your concerns have been put to rest and you have actually witnessed postive results for you.

G: 10st10lb
Hi ya Phill, thats some serious emotion comming out of you babes, take it you were a bit miffed lol. I think you did bloody well not to smack her one personally, but good on ya for phoning your normal C and keeping your hands to yourself. You sometimes wonder how these people become SWC, they obviously had the tact and deplomacy gene removed at birth. Maybe words will be said and hopefully you won't get her again as a stand in. AND, how good were you, 2 mullers, how motivational is that. A good many would have nose dived towards the takeaway after that. You deserve every single award you have got, its been well earned and another for not going on a major blow out. Well done Phill, you are an insperation on how to handle emotion properly. Scream, shout and moan, but don't stuff ya face. xx
How is the baby doing?
Thanks for that.
I have found it ok,for the last 2 weeks i have sts,so i am trying green this week to see if it will give me a boost again,Im going to pay for the 10 week course thing,so it will keep me going to the meetings,
my consultant is really good,but 2 weeks ago we had someone else,and when she talked to you,she didnt look at you which made you think that she wasnt really meaning anything,

Im trying to excercise more aswell,getting there slowly.


Thanks... I was really miffed mate !!!!!! anyway Esmee is ndoing really well sleeping and eating and getting bigger. My lad is also doing well and adjusting to not being the only one.

Phil, how rude of her. That is totally unacceptable and call me an overreactor, but I would of taken it further than my regular slimming world leader and complained to slimming world. You don't pay for slimming world to receive that kind of support (or should I say lack of support) and I am quite sure Slimming World do not want that kind of behaviour from their consultants either - stand in or not.

I hope you never have to see her again.
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Hello Canada Mum

Thanks, I was told that she left SW last year due to her having no members .. " Strange that eh "

Hows life in Canada ? I love the place so much !!! I nearly transferred to the RCMP years ago.
I have family in " Golden" & " Winni"

Phil x
S: 20st0lb C: 17st12lb BMI: 40.3 Loss: 2st2lb(10.71%)
i'd defo be emailing in a complaint about the stand in! i don't think i'd have stayed after that. any loss is good in my book. i do the wi and i'd never be so rude to anyone who'd lost "only" a lb!!!

Ans the word only is banned at my group !


shrinking granny
S: 12st10lb C: 12st7lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st3lb(1.69%)
1lb is an achievement, our leader even celebrates 1/2 lb loss.

sorry she made you feel so small
Hello Canada Mum

Thanks, I was told that she left SW last year due to her having no members .. " Strange that eh "

Hows life in Canada ? I love the place so much !!! I nearly transferred to the RCMP years ago.
I have family in " Golden" & " Winni"

Phil x
I can't imagine anyone wanting to pay for her meetings.

I am loving it here thanks, we are in the Great Lakes area of Ontario, so very warm summers and milder winters.


Full Member
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What a nasty woman, I only lost 1/2 lb this week and my consultant made me feel ok about it she even makes people feel better when they sts or have a gain.

Well put it this way you lost double what I lost.

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