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blowin the plan on sundays

hi all, looking for some advice. I work in a call centre and do a 12 hr shift on a sunday. i get a few 15 min breaks and half hour for lunch. On the 15 mins, by the time i get to the canteen ive only got time to grab something quick, this week it ended in mad chocolate binge:( then i think, "ah well blown it now, start again tomorrow" and eat more rubbish.
We cant eat at our desks, and i usually need an energy boost after a couple of hours. Fruit just aint doin the job :( any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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can you take salads? cous cous pasta or rice? do you have access to a microwave at all?
yes they have a microwave but it takes too long. Our breaks are only 15 mins and i crave something sweet for an energy boost. Im also drinking loads of esspresochocs from the machine, just thought that will prolly be hugely synned


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when you say 'mad chocolate binge' what do you mean by that? can you not have like a freddo or 2 finger kit kat if you're desperate for chocolate and syn it?

you're probably right about the expressochoc too, is there not a button on the machine jsut for water and take options in and syn them? you could take a mug and put your options in then 2 cups of water from machine.

what are you doing for lunch then? pasta or cous cous salad as mentioned before would be good or scan bran and laughing cow lights, filling and either low syn or hex a+b?

alternatively you could just have a day 'off plan' and be extra good the rest of the week....... or flexi syn....... doesn't matter how high the syns are as long as you know, I had a whopping 66.5 syns one day last week, did that 4 days in a row and surprise surprise had a 3.5 pound gain :( well deserved mind.

good luck x


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Uncle bens rices are only 2 minutes in a microwave and really filling! only a few syns at max (dependant on flavour).


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S: 11st9lb C: 10st4lb BMI: 24 Loss: 1st5lb(11.66%)
no microwave isnt the end of the world LOL if your determined to have a quick fix snack wise consider yoghurts and fruit, or syn your bar. healthy stuff like salads or a brown bread sandwich would be possible. as are pasta salads/cous cous/potatoe salad/ham/eggs/SW quiche/ frittata/sugar snap peas/cottage cheese/chicken/prawns/smoked fish

i know they dont fix a sweet desire but maybe if you are full you wont crave anything as bad? you can neck chocolate in 15 minutes so you can scran a bolied egg or two instead (dull i know but just an example)

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