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Blowing my own Trumpet!!


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Well I have to say how proud I am of myself and how focused I am. :D

We had a family trip to Blackpool yesterday, my hubby and I plus 5 of the 6 children and my husbands uncle, his brother and his sister-in-law.

Having resisted the crisps and biscuits etc that the kids and hubby were munching on in the car, I then sat there while they ate fish and chips and I had a small pot of baked beans! (that was all that I could actually eat from what was availible in the chip shop). I then said no to rock and to icecream and most of all to the gorgeous warm doghnuts you can get there; and yes I am drooling as I remember how they smelt!! :cry:

I had taken with me a pack of snack a jacks (5 syns) 2 kellogs fibre plus bars (2 healthy extra b choices) and a packet of cheese and chive rivetas (6 syns I think) plus melon, grapes and satsumas. As I'd not eaten anything before we left I was really really hungry so as soon as we came home I had beans and mash and a couple of bananas and that was me for the day!

On top of that I managed to walk from the car to the beach was quite far, then from the beach to the chip shop and back to the beach again plus the long walk back to the car afterwards. I'm nursing quite a bad back problem at the moment plus all my other aches and pains so I'm really chuffed for managing to do that, fab body magic for me - although I'm suffering really badly for it this morning! :sigh:

Truely think I deserve a pat on the back for that!! :D

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Wow, you must be so chuffed with yourself, what could have been a potential disaster day turned into a really angelic one, congrats! xx

ps, even bigger congrats on your fab weight loss x


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Well done!! I'm blowing the trumpet for you!! I tend to go to beaches that don't have the shops (we live right near the coast so there are plenty of beaches to go to) and take a picnic with me, because one of our beaches has a fish shop that is to die for.. but really don't want to go there at the moment as I'm working for my blue sticker this week. So i go to the quieter beaches and take sandwiches (mine from my heb) and fruit, and a mullerlite, or a pasta salad or something like that.

You are sooo doing better than me because you actually stopped yourself, where as I just won't go to the places that have those shops because I don't think i could. So well done!


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Well done Alia. Not easy to resist all that temptation and you went prepared for the day too. You definitely deserve to blow your own trumpet! I am going to keep this in mind for my next trip to the beach.


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Well done for resisting all those temptations! The scales should reward you on WI day :)


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Well done! It's so hard to resist such temptations. You must feel so good!


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Big well done :)

I really struggle watching my fella eating his take aways. I sometimes HAVE to take just 1 chip lol, and then i want more so i have to leave the room haha! So yeah, well done!! :) x


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S: 31st11lb C: 21st0lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 46 Loss: 10st11lb(33.93%)
Thank you every one, I really appreciate all the support, deffinately helps with the sometimes daily struggle that a weightloss journey brings.


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i love your dedication. you are so going to do this :D well done xx

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