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BL's Moods and Foods diary

S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Right. Hello peeps! After my recent anxieties over RTM, I am shifting gears and trying to do some things differently now - I have a better perspective and understanding for things, so I want to try something new. I do tend to wait till the last minute some times. :rolleyes:

Anyway, I am going to take LS's advice and try to keep a food diary here. It may or may not make it everyday - but I wll do my best.It will help me in many ways.

I am not going to enter precise measurements, but accurate generalisations- I am going to try and put what I have had, and how my targets were met that day in respect to the 55/30/15 ratios, and any feelings I may have at the time.

I hope it helps!!
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S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Tues 16-12-08
Woke up in a good mood – relieved for having got back to my RTM start weight. Very relieved. Last week was very stressful – today I feel much calmer.

7:30 Coffee with skim milk
9:00 Orange
10:00 1/5th Spanish Omelete (5 eggs, 10 oz. potato)
Coffee with Skim milk
Still feeling very good – happy to be cooking something new – happy knowing it is OK to cook somethings like this. Feeling optimistic again!

12:45 pot of lime jelly. Still happy.
2:00pm Porridge with Blueberries, Walnuts, Wheat germ and cinnamon;
Felt REALLY happy after this porridge. I would have had for brekkie but forgot about it – so decided to have for lunch. This just felt GOOD, like GOOD food. Tasted healthy and satisfying. Will make this my regular breakfast in the week I think.

5:45 SNACK: 3 Dried apricots, 10 pistachios, 2 brazil nuts, 15-20 dried cranberries, 2 dried apple rings

Feeling very good tonight, aside from a horrible snotty cold. Feeling confident, enjoying the new variety of meals today. Feel on track. Trying not to focus on calories, but balance/ratios, and am falling very near the reccomended percentages, so again, feeling relieved and comfortable in knowing that it IS sinking in, albeit at the last minute…..at least it is.
Worth noting: I have not gone crazy with fruit today, for the first time in weeks. So I have got something right in the mix it would seem….usually I am craving something sweet, since introducing triggers, so I grab fruit. Much improved today with regards to that. Long may that last!

615pm Salmon, Salad, Corn on the cob
Snack: 2 small pcs sourdough toast, 1 ounce cheese
Coffee w/ Skim Milk
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S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Thanks LS. :) OH is a pretty good sport with the camera :D

Weds 17-12-08
Feeling worse with my cold. Did not sleep well.
8:30 Coffee w/ski m milk
10:30 Porridge with Blueberries and Raspberries and Wheat Germ
Feeling good, aside from the cold. Had to walk into the village to get Milk- got on the way home and realized I bought semi, instead of skim milk. Rather then saying “oh well” and thinking ‘lucky break – get to have yummy milk’, I turned around and walked back to the store and exchanged it for non fat. That would NOT have happened a year ago, and I really felt like rubbish and wanted to get home and warm, so happy with that. Worrying a bit about the cost of healthy food and working out options such as frozen fruit, etc.

2:00pm 1 portion Spanish omelet with salsa and 1 ounce cheese
Cottage cheese with celery, walnuts, dried cranberries and ½ apple

Feel full, and happy. And sniffly.

5:15 – feeling kind of hungry – but feel so ill with this cold – I am at the peaking point where my whole head is clogged and running and sneezing constantly – or NEEDING to, so eyes just constantly streaming – ergh – feel really rough. Have to miss our Bike Clubs Christmas do tonight….which I am gutted about. Been looking forward to dressing to the 9s since last year’s event, which I wrote a lot about in my diary. So it was a big night, and no way I can attend now. L
I had a meal planned out tonight of Hummus and roast veg and sourdough toast points but I have changed ot to a shrimp salad. But I am enjoying feeling hungry and trying to get in the habit of not thinking “must be meal time – tums rumbled”. So just chillin. I feel good – I feel back in the adult ego state again. I could use being ill as an excuse to eat, but so far, at the minute feel perfectly in control. More later.
5:00 coffee w/skim milk
6:00 Shrimp Salad with Lemon vinegratte, pineapple and mango. On bib lettuce and rocket.
Only thing I am feeling is sniffly and snuffly
7:30 Sourdough toast, rubbed with garlic. Yogurt, Banana.
Todays stats : 53 carb/25 protein/ 23 fats (Target 55/15/30)
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Thanks LS. I really was gutted. I had a lovely LBD, and black patent spikes to wear with my new beatiful velvet pashmina type shawl my husband bought me when we were in America. I really wanted to go. Last year, I hated myself and all the ladies were in their lovely little sparkly getups - and me in my black jeans and black everything. So I was so looking forward to this years. <sigh> Oh well. They'll just have to keep seeing me in my leathers, and looking scruffy and windblown. :D
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Thursday 18-12-08
8am Coffee w/skim milk
10:15 Oatmeal w/blueberries, raspberrys and wheat germ
Feeling Ok this morning – still fighting this blasted cold and my eyes are streaming which is really annoying.
Felt guilty calling in sick again today, but there’s no way I can sit at my desk sniffling and snorting and eyes running right alongside nose – lol – just not a good mix.
Coffee w/skim milk
1pm hummus with carrot, yellow bell pepper, celery . 1 oz cheese and 7 olives
3:00 Yogurt, cottage cheese and cranberries
Coffee w/skim milk
Baked a loaf of 7 grain bread today – been fighting sneaky thoughts saying – “just put a little bit of butter on a tiny piece….” Cheeky chatterbox. Lol I told it to shut up. Its listened. Smells gorgeous though.
7pm Qourn, Sprouts and Yams (Sweet Potato).
Really feeling a difference this week – not struggling so much in between meals. Feeling bloated tonite though – today maybe a bit high on carbs. Will go more veggie tomorrow to lighten it up and balance it out some. Missing my walks – ha! Me! Missing a walk!!! LOL – But this cold has really knocked my socks off. Feeling a bit better for the first time all week so may get out some in the morning.

9:45 Greek Yogurt and mixed fresh fruit (berries mostly).

Hubbys is at work for the night – just had a nice hot soak in the tub – still reveling in the fact that all of me is well submerged – tis wonderful! Now going to enjoy my fruit and watch “Girl Interrupted”. May post in my diary later?

Been another good day.



nearly there!! :)
ok i dunno how i havent seen this untill now hunni and i do apoligize!! i may not have much to add cause im very behind u so not sure on the foods etc but ill try!! sorry bout the works do too, hope u didnt get to down bout it, and hope u got out for ur walk, and hope ur not as bloated today :) xxx
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Thanks Cat - I am feeling much better on all counts today, thank you! :)

Heres todays entry:

Friday 19-12-08

Woke up and my cold has finally turned and I am starting to feel better.

8:00 Coffee/skim milk
9:30 Lowfat granola with strawberries and apple and skim milk; ½ pot Muller Lite
1:00pm 1 slice 7 grain bread and 1 ounce cheese, handful of rocket, 2 savoury bites
Coffee with skim milk
8:00pm Refried Beans, Sprouts, Corn on the cob, steamed new potato and little gem salad. Salsa and fromage frais
Been a good day again. Feeling much better – cold is passing. Pleased it will be gone for xmas!
Bought myself a pack of walnuts, and dried apricots & dates – each dipped in white, milk or dark chocolate. These will be my sweets to enjoy at Christmas time, rather then fudge, Turkish delight, chocolate, etc. It is a little indulgent and a little healthy – so seemed a good option.
Looking forward to the challenge of a full on Christmas meal with the family, and I will just be completing my final days in RTM, so technically, the world is my oyster – all foods ‘allowed’. Yet, I feel confident that while I may have one or two indulgences, I know I will remain in control and not go silly – and that is exciting to actually get to put into action.
9:30 Greek Yogurt, mixed berried, pomegranate and pumpkin seeds

12:30am small pot of jelly, apple

Nighty night!

57 / 21 / 22
Good girl !

Hey BL
You've got it sussed now haven't you?
I'm so glad you are on track with the eating and the balance of foods now. It sounds as though you are really in control.
Excellent, congratulations.
I'm sorry you had to miss the bike club do. I know how much you were looking forward to it and knocking their socks off.
Still, one good thing - they will have enjoyed their evening as usual - if you had been there slim, glam and gorgeous in your LBD,Pasmina and spikes - the women would have been open mouthed jealous and the guys would not have been able to keep their eyes off you!!
Your OH must be so pleased for you and proud of you.
I know he loved you before, the new you is just a bonus.
Well done you. Look gack to this time last year - see how far we've come .........
Hope you feel better soon xxx
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Thanks SB - it is starting to gel. Phew! Though today I just couldn;t get it together!!! lol

Saturday 20-12-08

Nice cold grey lazy Saturday. Cold is much much better – just the remains now.

9am Coffe/milk
12:00noon Oatmeal w/wheat germ, blueberries, raspberries and pumpkin seeds
1:00pm 1.5 pumpkin oat bar – home made, low GI, low fat
3:45pm toast with 1 oz cheese and marmite (been waiting 11 months for that!!!!) and one apple

6:00 Bowl of Pumpkin/Butternut soup; Cottage cheese with Cranberries, Pistachio and celery.

8:30 Muller Lite
9:30 Pumpkin Bar ( these are trouble )

It would appear I am in a pumpkin mood. Soup was gorgeous – will definitely do that again! Will psot my recipe in case anyone wants to try – its lush!

Not much to say today. J
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Sunday 21-12-08

10am Oatmeal w/blueberries and pumpkin seed

1pm 2 os. Bread, 1 oz cheese, Rocket, Apple

3pm LL Raisin Crunch Bar

3:45 Meringue nest

6pm Mince with mushrooms over pasta, cauliflower, green beans

8.30 Merinque nest with berries and Greek Yogurt
10pm Pumpkin Oat bar
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Thursday 24-12-08

7am Coffee, skim milk

8am Coffee/skim milk

9:00am coffee/skim milk

10:00am LL Bar

10:58am Yogurt/Banana

12:00pm Salad, 3 oz humus, carrots, celery and an apple

EXERCISE: 3pm Went for a 35 ,minute brisk walk carrying a heavy bag of fruit!
4:15pm small apricot
5:30pm Jelly w/spoonful of cottage cheese
6:00pm Tofu/Egg “fried” rice
9:00pm 5 cherries, cottage cheese (6 oz), cranberries, walnuts, Tblsp of greek Yogurt, ,Sprinkle of chocolate

Feeling good about the Christmas celebrations ahead – feel in control, no excuses forming – going to allow a few indulgences, but not many. Why after all?
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)

7am Oatmeal cooked with water, blueberries
8am WALKING: 3.5 miles, 1.25 hours
11am cottage cheese, sugar free jelly
12:00pm Cranberries, nuts and pumkin seed mix
2:00pm 3 oz Chicken, green salad, ½ bread roll, 3 T pate

5:00 Dried apricots (4), 1 date, dried cranberries, 4 walnuts- 1 side dipped in chocolate
7:30 Roast beef, parsnip, sweet potato, broccoli-beans-carrots, horseradish and cranberry chutney,
melon slice. 1 glass of champagne.
8:30 Merangue nest with fruit salad, and dollop of greek yogurt
1:30am Merangue nest, on its own. Glass of Mango Juice.

Very happy how day went – I ate to hunger – did not over do it – had a few indulgences- but healthy indulgences (dried fruit and nuts) – last year would have been piles of cheese and biscuits, chocolate truffles, Turkish delight, ginger, mince pies, sausage rolls, pumpkin pie, cream, all that on TOP of the meal! Obscene!! I know I exceeded my calories, but know it was one day only. Did not over eat, so did not feel stuffed and horrible.

A success in my eyes. J



nearly there!! :)
well done chic xxx
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Friday 26-12-08

9am Coffee w/skim milk
10:30am 2 scrambled eggs cooked in 1 tsp spread (usually use Fry-Lite but am out of it)
EXERCISE: walked brisk/hills for 52 minutes
1:15 8 cherries

3:30 1” slice of cake, 3 chocolate mints

5:00pm Sliced cold gammon, chicken and beef; green salad with ½ T mayo, cranberry sauce, 1 oz cheese, pate

7:00 peanuts, walnuts, cranberries, pumpkin seeds. date

1:00am Cottage Cheese, Muller lite, banana, granola
S: 14st13lb C: 14st7lb BMI: 30 Loss: 0st6lb(2.87%)
Thanks ladies!!! :)

It is really nice to wake up this morning without indigestion, bloat and a general feeling of malaise/guilt/excess!!!
woke up with all 3....oooops!!
S: 14st13lb C: 14st7lb BMI: 30 Loss: 0st6lb(2.87%)
self inflicted, hoping to deal with it and move on. only 2 more 'socail' events til i can just get back to normal and finding i cant wait.
am taking this as a good sign
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Saturday 27-12-08
11am Oatmeal cooked in ½ milk and ½ water, blueberries, pumpkin seeds
12:30 apple
2:00pm hummus, carrot and celery, ½ meringue nest, coffee w/skim milk
5pm coffee w/skim milk

6:30pm Gammon/Chicken slices, broccoli, corn and hard boiled egg
7pm coffee w/skim milk
9:00 merangue nest
9:30 cottage cheese, yogurt, pomegranate seeds, raspberry & mango

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