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BlueJo's Countdown

Hi All,

I have been lurking here for a few weeks now and am so impressed with all your efforts and the fab support you give. Here's a little about me - My name is Jo, a few years ago i lost 2 and a half stone on SW and kept if off, however in the last year i have seen one of those pesky stones creep back on. I know SW well and follow the basics daily, but when i have a glass of wine (which has crept up daily), the willpower goes out of the window. So last night i bit the bullet and went back to class. So glad i did, what a nice bunch! I am not very technically minded, so i will add smileys and tickers when i can and i will try and upload a few pics of my food too. I have a fab OH who is a great cook and tries to assist with the SW syns, but is a bit fond of oil, butter and wine and cheese, so i will try and rein him in a bit! I will upload my diary later, but hoping for a great start. Good luck everyone and happy Friday x
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So far today is either EE or Red - undecided:

Breakfast: WW sausage frittata (1 syn from SW website), melon
Snack: Banana (before gym)
Lunch: prawn and green veg stew (loads of SF), followed by melon and yoghurt
Dinner: will be chicken cacciatore (from mag) with new pots and green beans

My main worry is staying off the wine, i am fine if i have none, but if i have one, then the floodgates open. I am saving my syns for wine on Sat night (sounds like complete alkie - not as bad as that i promise!).

I am off out for a wax and a pedicure this evening and will prob have HEA and B of cheese and ryvitas when i get back.
Well yesterday went to plan - hurrah - so day one and only one syn used - although i forgot to mention yesterday, i will probably save my syns for a few wines one night a week - but only if i feel like it. We have a very active social life, I have been with my OH for 20 years, but never had kids, so we keep ourselves busy with food and wine - hence the need for SW!! So far this morning the v supportive has made me the breakfast below: - oh heck - it won't let me post the picture - think i need a few more posts before it will allow me to add an attachment - anyway it was lovely. Grilled bacon, grilled toms, grilled mushrooms, scrambled bantams eggs (from OH clients - they were soooo yellow and sooo tasty) and 2 slices of WM toast - could it get any nicer eh? Right, i hope you are all having a lovely Saturday, I am hoping to do the steak au poivre tonight - i will keep taking pics, and when i have enough posts, i will upload them all - but be warned, i am not David Bailey - the pic of my brekkie somehow manages to contain my toes! x
Back again - so far had a couple of glasses of wine (it is my designated "wine day") - and had a plate full of veggies and some co-op reduced fat humous (3 syns) - could have been a hell of a lot worse!! So heres to a good saturday night - see you on Sunday, with, hopefully some pics of some grubbage, as i love looking at all yours! x
So i already knew yesterday that it would be "wine day", but kept count, and felt in control all day - so here is full diary for St, 17th September:

B. Full grill up with toms, mush, bacon, scrambled eggs and HEb toast

L. was v late as we went out car hunting, was STARVING but managed to make relatively sensible choice of low fat humous (3) and loads of carrots, peppers, celery etc - previously i would have made a big cheese roll or something.

d. Steak Au Poirve (from this months mag) with wedges, broccoli and asparagus (1)

Now the bad news - wine - 36 syns

Total: 40 syns - Not too bad, and will limit for the rest of the week.
Sunday 18th Sept.

b. Beans on Toast (HEb)

l. Roast Chicken, roasted new pots, sprouts, broc and cauli and gravy (1)

d. HM SW Pate with cucumber on ryvita (3) and 2 x baby bell (HEa).

Total: 4 - and no wine - hurrah! Back to work tomorrow and gym before work so heres to a good week ladies and gents. x
Monday 19th Sept

06.15 - Banana - i go to the gym (when can drag my sorry ass out of my bed before work)

breakfast: breakfast veg frittata and a slice of melon
snack: apple
l. HM syn free leek and pot soup (leek, celery, onion, potato, veg stock), SW pate, cucumber and ryvita (HEB)
snack: 4 x crab sticks
Dinner: Chicken, veg and chorizo risotto (2 syns for chorizo and 3 for wine in risotto) - plus an HEa of parmesan - served with asparagus - took a pic, but need to post 50 times in order to upload it!
Yoghurt and alpen light bar.

Total: 8 syns.

I have to attend a Board meeting today, and lunch is always things like lasagna and curry etc - i have ordered a fruit platter, then will sneak off and scoff my soup and pate! I also have serious period bloat (sorry - tmi), so am a bit worried about my first WI on Thurs, but fingers crossed it will be OK...... Happy Tuesday everyone.
Tuesday 20th September - EE

banana before gym

b. sw veg quiche and slice of melon

Was in a Board Meeting for flipping hours and the biscuits were calling me, but managed to resist and chugged down loads of water and diet coke instead. As soon as the meeting finished i had to sort out lunch which consisted of lasagna, curry, rices etc- fortunately i was called away to deal with an engineer - so again managed to resist - Maaaaaaan it smelt great - one of the chefs is Nepalese (sp?) and her curries are lush - she did a boiled egg one recently and it was surprisingly lush!
L. Veg soup followed by ryvita (HEb) and SW Pate and cucumber
s. 2 x crabsticks
d. HM chilli and rice with loads of onion, toms, mushrooms, peppers etc - 1 syn for tommy puree and an HEa of cheese

Then had some FF Activia and some raspberries

Total: 1 syn - hurrah

I made the mistake tho of getting on the scales (official WI is not til Thurs night) and it said i had put on 2lb - i know it is that time of the month, but will still be disappointed if there is not a teeny tiny loss as i think (hope), i have been pretty good this week. Anyway - chin up everyone - heres to a happy Wednesday. x
Weds 21st sept - EE

Banana before gym
b. sw veg quiche and slice of melon
s. apple
l. crab noodle and veg salad (sweetcorn, celery, pepper, mushroom, spring onion). Melon and alpen light (0.5 HEb)
s. 2 x crabsticks
d. Lambchops (with fat cut off), new pots, cabbage, green beans and carrots, gravy (3)
Muller Light and raspberrries and HEA of Baby Bell (not all together!)

Total - 3 Syns

It is my first WI tonight and i must admit to bricking it somewhat - yesterday i had a "hungry" day, and although i ate loads of SF food i am scared it will show tonight. Still, in it for the long haul, no matter how long it takes, will be good to feel good about myself again.
Happy Thursdays everyone. x
Thursday 22nd Sept

Banana - then gym
b. sw quiche and a slice of melon
s. more melon
l. crab noodle salad, muller light and raspberries
dinner - was LUSH - Thai fish broth - cod, sea bass, prawn (only a bit of each) in a clear spicy broth with noodles, pak Choy, mushrooms, mange tout, runner beans - I took a fab pic which i will load up once i have 50 posts!
HEa. baby bell
HEb. 2 x alpen light

WEIGH IN - i was bricking it - but lost 4.5lbs - hurrah!!

So had celebratory, Vodka and sl tonic and a small JD and diet coke - Total - 6 syns

I have to admit to being very happy with the result so far, particularly given that it was my time of the month - i have a dinner out tonight at someones house, so will eat what i am given, but every other meal will be bang on plan - i am also expect tonight to be my "wine night" - but you never know...Happy Friday every one!!
Bit belated and naughty so here goes - separate post for each day - then i can post pics sooner rather than later...

Friday 23rd Sept

b. SW quiche and melon
s. apple
l. leek and pot soup and ryvita (HEb), pate and cucumber

In the evening we were at friends - it was lovely, but very non SW, i ate as much of the good stuff (veg and a lot of fruit salad) to stuff me out, and only had a taste of the breads, pastry and cheese on offer...I have absolutely no idea of syns......
Sat 24th Sept

b. Melon and FF yoghurt
l. prawn and veg stir fry with noodles
d. Mango chicken with tatzki, new pots, pak choy and asparagus.

S. cheese (HEa), ryvita, cucumber and alpen light (HEb)

We did share wine - whoops - i had approx 4 small 125ml glasses (approx 20 syns)
Sunday 24th Sept

b. Big grill up in front of the box - bacon, mushroom, tomato, poached egg on a toasted wm roll (HEb)

s. melon

l. slow roasted shoulder of lamb, sw roasties and runner beans and carrots - gravy (3)

s. cheese (HEa) and alpen light (3)

Total: 6
Monday 25th Sept

s. banana before gym - stonkingly tough boot camp this morning - shuttle runs til i was nearly barfing = i have to say though, i blinking love it (well not at the time obviously), but afterwards i feel so much better - plus it is done before work, so all sweating is done for the day and i can relax in the evening.

b. Melon and SW quiche (not a cereal girl at all)

Happy monday everyone - i am not expecting a massive loss this week, but will keep everything crossed for a small one. x
Monday 26th Sept continued!

L. Chicken salad (carrot, pepper, cucumber, celery, spring onion and sweetcorn) with a dollop of cottage cheese

d. risotto, chicken, mixed veg, chorizo (2) wine (in risotto 3), served with asparagus and HE A of cheese

Pud - blackberries, yoghurt, 2 x alpen light bars

Total: 5 syns

Not too bad - but skirts don't feel any looser yet....x
Tuesday 27th September.

Banana before bootcamp.

b. melon and veg quiche

rest to follow. I have been reading alot of your diaries and they are very inspirational, i am new to Minimins and therefore am a bit scared of posting on other peoples diaries, but will get there in the end - promise!! Happy Tuesday everyone. x
S: 15st2.0lb C: 12st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 26.3 Loss: 3st2lb(20.75%)
Thought I'd pop in and say hi and well done for coming out of lurkdom!
Well done on your weight loss this week too :-D
Thanks Shrinki - i will be sure to look you up - very well done on your losses too - i might have to join you in the Xmas challenge - we are off on holiday in December and need to be able to get in some clothes i bought a couple of years back before the pesky weight came back.....

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