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BlueJo's Countdown

Tuesday 27th Sept - Dinner

Dinner was nice - we had a couple of friends round for a v casual tea, as we were both working, we grabbed a chilli out of the freezer and found some left over roast beef that had been frozen which we thought would do well for bulking out the chilli - only upon defrosting, it turned out to be lamb!! Anyhoo - no-one noticed and it was nice have the contrast of the mince with the chunky meat. We added toms, mushrooms, peppers, onions, chilli, garlic coriander etc - all served with SW wedges, a mahoosive salad and garlic bread - i was v good, i measured my cheese into a separate bowl and abstained from both garlic bread and wine - medal please!! I also abstained from the chocolates that came out afterwards, and had a couple of chocolately alpen lights instead.......Don't get me me wrong, i ate a lot, but it was all SW friendly!

I will say 5 syns for the chilli - not sure if it was extra lean mince - so 5 is erring on the side of caution, but better than underestimating!
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Wednesday 28th September

I have forgotten my diary so will have to try and dust off the cobwebs on my brain to try and remember what i had yesterday....

banana before bootcamp (which was dead sweaty - nice!)

breakfast - melon and sw quiche (again!)

s. Apple

Lunch - Bag of stir fried veg from Asda with added soy, chilli and chicken & sweetcorn (cabbage, peppers, beansprouts, onion and carrots). Muller and strawbs

We expected a quiet night, however the MIL came back from holiday one day earlier than she told us, so we had her round for dinner - again, i stayed off the wine and prepped up lunch and brekkie while listening about her travels - she is amazing really, 2 weeks in the West Coast of the States aged 77. My much beloved cooked dinner:

grilled salmon, new pots, steamed fine beans and asparagus - he made a lovely sauce with creme frais, white wine, prawns, shallots and lean bacon - so i will say 5 syns to be on the safe side - what a star.

Once again i managed to boycott the choc (MIL brought some back from hols), and had an alpen light and some baby bell instead (HEa and half HEb)

Total: 5 syns

I have not mentioned what i drink - i have always drunk plenty of water and no added sugar squash - i am into hot water and lemon in the mornings these days and usually have a tin of diet pop in the afternoon if i am feeling peckish as the bubbles fill me up!

Weigh in tonight - fingers crossed!! Happy Thursdays everyone x
GUTTED - WI was put on 0.5lb - have been good all week and abstained from wine and choc and other goodies - the consultant thinks it may be to do with a large loss last week and my body catching up - still am a bit fed up, but will dust myself down and get myself sorted. Had a takeaway after WI last night, but all v good....I think....Diary to follow.
Thursday 29th Sept

banana - then bootcamp.

breakfast - strawberrries and veg quiche

s, banana before spinning

l. Stirfry - cabbage, beansprouts, mushrooms, onions, chilli, carrot, sweetcorn with turkey and soy

WI - :cry: - 0.5lb on

Dinner was a takeaway - but good choices:
Chicken Tikka, boiled rice and salad - i cannot find a syn value for chicken tikka, so i shall say 7 syns to be on the safe side, although there was no grease in it whatsoever.

Total 7

So back to it again today - i do feel a bit fed up as i honestly thought i would lose weight, jeans etc were beginning to feel a bit looser - we are out tomorrow night for dinner and drinks so am now going to study the menu and pray to god there is something SW friendly on the menu! Happy Friday everyone x
Friday 30th Sept

So after a mini gain, i have dusted myself off and tried to keep my chin up.

b. strawbs and quiche (2)

l. Prawn salad with a dollop of low fat cottage cheese (1)
Muller and melon

s. 2 x ryvitas and 2 LCL with cucumber (half HEa and half HEB)

d. stir fry duck with lots of veg and noodles = 1 syn for honey in stir fry.

Snack one baby bell and an Alpen Light (half HEa and half HEB)


I am out tonight for dinner, i will try and make the best choices available and limit the wine and back on the wagon in the morning, but the rest of the day will be absolutely 100%.
Sunday 2nd Oct

Had a great night out on Saturday - did not count syns, but was relatively well restrained!

Brunch - Strawbs, then got hungry and made smoked mackerel pate (SW Style) on 2 x ryvita with cucumber

Lunch (at about 16.00hrs) - Roast chicken, new pots, broc, green beans, runner beans and peas - gravy 3

snack: cheese, ryvita and cucumber HEa and remainder of B and a muller (1)

Total - 4

Not bad - heres hoping i get a loss this year
Monday 3rd Oct

Banana before gym

Breakfast: slice of melon and two boiled eggs

s. activa

l. smoked mackerel pate (1), ryvita HEB and salad

s. chicken slices

d. Chicken, veg and chorizo risotto (5 syns for a glug of wine in the risotto and for the chorizo), served with asparagus and an HEa of cheese.

Hopefully i will be able to post some piccys soon. I may well have a yoghurt and fruit after dinner - will update tomorrow.
As predicted, i had an activia and raspberries as an evening snack - so far so good this week - fingers crossed for Thursday WI...Happy Tuesday (is that it????) everyone x
Tuesday 4th October

Banana then gym - Aching like mad this week.

b. ACtivia and Raspberries and a hard boiled egg
s. tomato mug shot
l. Smoked mackerel pate (1), ryvita (HEb) and a big salad. Melon
d. lamb, tomato and veg curry - (1 syn for curry paste) when i had cut all the fat off the lamb, it more of a veggie curry - the other half complained that he was "starving" as a meal is not a meal without a pile of meat - so he tucked into a massive bowl of cereal while i polished my halo and had a muller with some strawberries instead. :character00238:

Total 2 syns

A good day in all, i really, really hope that i have got a small loss this week. Fingers crossed. We are away on Saturday just for a night courtesy of a b day pressie from my folks to a nice little pub in Norfolk with dinner thrown in - lets see if i can keep the halo gleaming until then! Happy Hump day every one. x
Wed 5th October

banana then gym

breakfast - activa, raspberries and a small slice of veg quiche

snack - 2 x ryvita with laughing cow light (Half HEA and Half HEb)

l. TINY prawn and veg stir fry - (Prawns, courgette, onion, celery, pepper, chilli and corn) - i made it for one day, then it seemed a lot in the pan so i only brought half with me to work - madness - was not enough - literally 3 mouthfuls...so had a chicken mugshot and some strawberrys.

Dinner - grilled salmon, new pots and a shedload of roasted veg (carrots, cauli, broc, celery, mushrooms, peppers) with a honey and soy marinade (1)

After dinner - a baby bell, then a muller with an alpen light (remainder of HEa and B)

Total - 1 syn

Very low in syns today - and not on purpose - just turned out that way...Weigh in tonight, i have everything crossed for a decent loss, although i must say, i am not feeling it.....Happy Thursdays everyone


Thursday 6th October

banana then gym

breakfast: activia, rasps and veg quiche
lunch: Roast veg and prawns, melon
dinner: SW friendly shepherds pie, served with cabbage and green beans. Now the pie was about 3 syns in total (served three), but the OH stir fried the cabbage with bacon (fat removed) and a handful of walnuts and a glug of wine - so i will say a total of 5 syns per serving..

2 x baby bell (HEa)
2 x Alpen Light (HEb)

And a couple of v small JD's and diet coke to celebrate (5)

TOTAL: 10 syns

Tonight i am out with the girls (but cooking SW before we go) and we are away for the night staying in a B&B/Pub Sat night - fingers crossed i can keep within syns...

Happy Friday peeps
Friday 7th Oct

Breakfast - (no bootcamp - hurrah!) - Strawberries and slice of veg quiche

L. Uncle Bens Chicken Rice (2.5) with lots of baby toms and a slice a melon for pud.

Snack - on a hungry day today - 2 x ryvita and 2 x lcl and some raspberries (Half HEa and Half HEb).


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