Bluetooth -can you help save me from insanity?

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I bought a new 'gadget' yesterday, and it has bluetooth (yep you guessed.. it's a new mobile).
So... as a bluetooth virgine :eek: can you save me from insanity and give me any tips on pairing the handset to the headset?

I've activated the bluetooth on the phone, switched the headset on, and then searching... but it's not finding it!! It's sat right next to it.. so how can it not see it!? lol

Any tips greatfully received! :cool:
what phone is it i have a sony ericcssun 800i and as well as switching the bluetooth on you have to set it to phone visible,
Just a thought, have you got someone who could send you something by bluetooth eg a tune because it could be that the blue tooth on the phone is not working properly. I had this problem with a new phone two weeks ago. Not good when I had had bluetooth installed in my car. So the phone had to go back and I got a completely different make.

Hope you have sorted it out

Thanks girls! :D Figured it out... i'd switched on the earpiece, but not made it 'ready' to be 'seen' by the phone! :rolleyes:

All i need is people to call me! lol my old phone has been very busy with incoming today though! lol keep telling everyone my new number! lol

Thanks again! :D
i had to match up mine a week or two ago, god what a plavar, should have handed it to my child who would have done it in seconds :rolleyes: