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BMI Vs Size - Comments please

I dont get the whole BMI thing!

So BMI 25 is supposed to be the maximum number - anything over, you are overweight. For me, this means I cannot be over 10 stone 1 (I am 5 ft 3)

Yesterday, I reached 10 stone 1 so I am now BMI 25..... where should I set my goal?

I decided on 9 stone 10 - why? because I reached this weight in 2004 doing WW, I did plan to go lower as I wanted to be in the middle of the healthy BMI range at 22.5 (9 stone) but when i got to 9 and a half stone, I could see ribs across my chest, my cheecks started looking hollow and people said I was going too far!... now according to the BMI chart - I should have been medically fine to lose another 1 and a half stone! I had my fat % checked and they said it was ok so it is strange how I need to be at the top of my BMI to look healthy...

Thought it was worth sharing this as I think it is important to stop when you look good, not aim for a certain BMI or weight as it doesnt always work out.
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Thats really interesting....
Im ment to be aiming for 9.13 but apparently I carry my weight really well and look like 10 stone something already (im 12.5) so cant imagine I'll look too good at 9.13......
I think its all to do with body porportion and shape etc.....
Thats very interesting, id like to aim for under 25 but if i started too look too thin (omg) then i would go by size and ignore the whole bmi thing. I guess though there is a lot of influence too be under that BMI of 25.
I know - the doctors are always telling me that I am over BMI 25 it annoys me - the funny thing is, a have a friend who is a very muscular, fit rugby player - he is over his BMI as he is built like a rock- he has no fat on him but a doctor told him he is over weight!!
BMI is a simple equation based on weight and height, it does not take into consideration your build. A better measure is waist size. I think it is 34 inches or higher for women and 38 or thereabouts for men.
To pick my goal weight, I picked a number that was exactly halfway between the upper number that would keep me under a BMI of 25, and the bottom number which would classify me as underweight. It also happens to be how much I remember weighing when I was in high school and on the swim team.


Peggy McParrot
Bmi is different for every one, it really depends on build, you could go to a gym and they could do your bmi for you, don't know if they charge.. My oh is a body builder so if you look at the chart he is over wieght when he really has a bmi of 22...waist size is a good guide as mentioned.
Just remember you need to feel happy with your size and weight..


Carpe diem, baby!
You're right in saying that BMI is not the be all and end all...I go by bodyfat percentage as I am lean now...if you carry more muscle mass and are taller then it varies vastly...be comfy in your own skin, that is the most important thing...
You have a validf point about the BMI.

My CDC says obviously she will weigh us and aim for under 25 BMI but she will be going more for our waist measurements.
To be healthy your waist measurement should be at least half of your height measurement.

I am 5ft 6 so she is going for a waist measurement of 33 inches and below for me.

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