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BNS CHIPS? how do you make them?

Hun, ya just cut up a BNS into wedges, surrey with spray light season as ya like. I love paprika on them :D then pop in the oven at 180c for 30-40 mins depending on the size :)
Thank you! i cant wait now for dinner 2moro , do you usually count for the oil and paprika? i know that dried herbs are pointed with PP
I've never counted herbs. I don't use enough ;) I go handy with the frylight so don't need to point :) good luck making then. Haven't had emm in AGES might make thenm soon now :) xxx
4 sprays of fry light is 0 pp so as long as you don't use more than that it is free!!!! I don't count paprika either, well we don't count salt or pepper do we :cool: keep an eye on the bns- I left mine in the oven for 40 mins & they were burnt to death!!!!!!!!!!
Haha thanks pop ;) here's an amateur question for you...

What's the best way to start cutting the butternut squash ? Cut down the centre and deseed ? Sorry this is sad how crap I am at cooking haha


x It's my year to shine x
I usually cut top and bottom off, cut down the centre and deseed. I always end up with orange fingers and stringy BNS under my nails! I've yet to find a simple way to deseed the blimming thing easily, I tend to use a dessert spoon and really go for it (upper arm workout!).. Then chop away randomly into smaller segs once the majority of the stringy stuff has gone. I am cackhanded though!

I'm fussy and don't like the texture of the insides, so that's why I get rid of it, but don't know if that's what most people do :p
Thanks for asking that question, i'm so making some of these :)
Ooohhhh your from Ireland too, marks and Spencers do small chunks in a bag. Lovely roasted too but just like 20-30 mins needed!! I haven't replaced my mash with em yet, must do though!! Try it anyway!
I left the skin on mine , sprayed with fry light and topped with Cajun spices and none were very small I kept them around the same size and tossed them around a few times over 35-40 minutes. I can't say I did anything special with them

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